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I tend to feel like I am most similar with moms that co sleep in every aspect except that my son sleeps in his own crib in his own room. He slept next to my bed for 9 months then he got his own room. Reason being that my husband sleeps loudly and kept waking Eric up. So I nurse Eric to sleep, place him in his crib. When he wakes up I go in by him and nurse him back to sleep. So I feel his nights are pretty gentle and still quite loving. But I wish I could have all the wonderful things the co sleepers talk about.
Question: are all of your husbands quiet sleepers?
Do you put the baby in between you two or is mom in the middle?
Are you awoken every time dad changes position to be sure baby is safe?
Does baby sleep still or does he move around?
Do you always have a hand on baby to be sure he is safe?
Do you have to sleep in the same position to keep an older baby from moving off the bed?
Are you getting deep sleep? Or are you waking halfway up when someone moves?
Do you sleep with pillows, blankets, a shirt on or off for frequent nursing?
Has baby ever fallen off?
Is it safe with a mobile toddler who isn't smart enough to keep himself safe?

I know alot of you co sleep so please tell me about it! I should be pregnant again soon do I'm trying to think about if there's anything I can improve on with the next baby.


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- i co sleep. my baby is 9 months old

- my husband is only sometimes quiet lol he tends to sleep talk, especially wile haveing a weird dream lol

- I def sleep in te middle but we have our bed pushed agaist7 the wall with a pillow wedged in there so he cant fall.

- i never wake up even to breatfeed! lol if i am on my side that i-s but sometimes i like my belly but i am never up or long

-baby does move around and like to get sideways and smash my guts out :) but i just have to move him lol

- i fall asleep with my hand on him +but i like how soft he is, not so much of safty

- my baby is only 9 months but like i said try push ur bed against a wall with a pillow up ( i have a body pillow) incase he hits his head or something, dominic likes to bang his head in his sleep if he is not comfy.

- deep sleep defantly! i always sleep great

-we have pillows and blankies, most of the time i sleep without my shirt for the bf process. my shirt stays up anyways and i find it easier to take it off

- the only time my baby has fallen off is when he first learned to roll over but we were awake and it was his first time! darg toot! all i did was turn around to grab a diaper :)

i hope this was helpfull for you :) good luck on another baby! i want another one but we just had out of town family stay with us for a week and they had three LOL

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All three of us snore :D When Phoebe was a newborn, she slept the best between us (though many sources encourage newborns to be on the outside of the mother). I give her free breast access so I don't notice most times that she nurses. Her dad is very in tune to her movements- as much as I am so we sleep very well. Though when she was younger she would try to latch on to her dad instead of my breast. His fur would piss her off royally :P We sleep with non bulky blankets and regular pillows. Falling out of bed hasn't been an issue, though Phoebe will climb out of bed and piddle around our room so it is baby proof. She'll get back in when she gets bored with playing in the dark. (or I scoop her up because my heat source is gone :D) We wake up in all sorts of positions- I woke up with Phoebe clinging onto my back another time she was using her dad's butt as a pillow. I never bought a crib- they just seem good for safety recalls.

[deleted account]

I'll try to go in order too

hubby is a moderate volume sleeper, also a deep sleeper, tosses & turns, and is a cover hog- generally yells in his sleep when I pull on the covers.

baby sleeps in the middle, but if I need to nurse on the other side, then we switch

I'm a light sleeper, but generally only wake up when hubby completely rolls over and shakes the whole bed.

Generally she sleeps pretty much facing me, but sometimes she spreads out on her back, or her stomach. Until last night, she's always slept next to me. She crawled towards the foot of the bed last night.

When she was little, I did keep a hand on her, I slept on my side facing her and my upper arm was always cradling her.

Even when she's on the outside and I'm in the middle, she's never fallen off the bed in her sleep b/c she stayed right up on me, but if she's on the outside I do keep a hand on her.

I wake up when she starts digging around and can't find my boobs. But I do get deep sleep and am fully functional the next day. I know I'd get less sleep if I had to get up to get her when she woke up, and then nurse her and put her back in her crib.

I sleep with tank tops that are too big so they're baggy and I can just pull my boob over the top. during the colder months, I wear a v neck long sleeve tee that I can do the same with.

I have always used a regular pillow when co-sleeping, as does my husband.

I use seasonally appropriate cover. the baby does not like cover at all and kicks it off immedietly even in her sleep.

She has fallen off the bed, but when she was awake, and I wasn't right there with her but she's my daredevil child.

We did use a rail until she started trying to pull up on it.

We're in a queen bed and me & hubby are both average build.
(although a friend & her hubby are both larger and they co-slept in a double bed for 2 yrs with 1, and then when #2 came along they coslept all 4 of them til oldest was 4 & youngest was 2- not sure how) Another way to solve the 'fall' issue is to put the mattress on the floor, which is what 2 other friends have done)
When the hubby sleeps on the couch (so he doesn't have to take a shower- house rule everyone goes to bed clean) and my now 7yr old will sleep with me & the baby. The 7 yr old is worse and she flails around in her sleep and kicks etc. The baby's unphased.

I put the baby down in her crib on the nights that I want to have sex. If we want to do it on the mornings he doesn't have to get up early for work, we sneak into the living room.

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since i'm hearing impaired, i really don't know how loud hubby snores. i know he does because i can feel it. i am going to assume that it's comforting to my son bc he sleeps worse when hubby is away on work.

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Well here goes, hope twill help.

My husband is generally quiet tho he has his moments.

Baby is in between us.

That was earlier on but not now.

No I do not have a hand on baby.

No I tend to turn around tho very gently so as not to wakey wakey him up.

I am a light sleeper and when baby moves or turns then I do wake up.

I sleep with a shirt off as I still nurse frequently.

Yes once when she was still very young and I was scared my hubby would roll over on her...I used to be in the middle and her on the edge, one day she rolled off and that was the end of that sleeping arrangement. I now have her in the middle.

It is very safe.

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I am currently 30 weeks pregnant and have a 19 month old who co sleeps with me. My husband is not a huge fan, but there were certain circumstances when my DD was born that made me want her right next to me. It was great for a long time. When she was nursing, I just nursed and fell asleep and she would fall asleep. I never put her in the middle because my husband sometimes takes Unisom to help him sleep. It wasn't an issue until I became really pregnant and she is getting bigger. We have a queen size bed and there isn't much room. I do not use the "cry it out" and I don't think I could. I do wish my oldest would start sleeping in her toddler bed. She naps there, but won't sleep at night. Not sure what to do when the new baby comes!! Other than that, I love co sleeping. It helps her to sleep as well as me! :) Good luck!

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Okay I cosleep/slept with both of my kids. My oldest slept throught the night from the very begining and didnt start cosleeping with me till it was just me and her and I was scared so I kept her in my bed for many years. My youngest is 1 and still nurses most nights, but starts off in her own bed and my boyfriend will get her when she wakes up and brings her to bed. But here are my answers.
1. For the most part he is
2. I switch between sides, but try to keep the baby between the 2 of us to keep her from falling
3. No it is the opposite in my house, my boyfriend wakes up to make sure the baby is ok everytime i move.
4. She moves around live crazy!!
5. No I just make sure I can feel her against me
6. Unless I am nursing on my side, then I sleep on my stomach with my leg up to kinda cup them.
7. I sleep great til I start feeling my daughter attacking me for milk (yes she attacks me, she will grab my shirt and attempt to rip it off, its too funny)
8. We sleep with pillows and blankets and I sleep in a tank/spaghetti strap and sports bra, so I have some kind of support
9. Yes. Twice once was we were too close to the edge and when she was done nursing she went to roll over and slipped off. The second was she got behind my pillow and just kept scooting in her sleep. Both times she never even woke up or whined and was perfectly fine.
10. My oldest slept with me til she was 3 and I never had any problems with her getting hurt while sleeping with me.
I do not regret my choices and enjoy waking up next to my kids all bright eyed and cheery :)

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Hey Mama !! Congrats on the second baby !! Wounderful !!
I love my family bed. My daughter will be two next month. She has been in the bed with my husband and I sense she was 3 months old. My husband ( I should say soon to be ex husband) snores so damn loud that he mostley slept on the couch. I am a very light sleeper to start. My daughter and I are always touching eachother while we sleep. I wake if she wakes. She has fallen off the bed a few times. I nursed her till she was 18 months old,and I would have done it longer, but she was ready to be done. She slept on top of the blankets,with her own blanket.
I took a lot of shit talking from most of my family members about how unsafe and bad co sleeping is. But I would not change a thing, and I will co sleep with any other children I have. So I say go for it....Love it....Live it.... and charish the special bond you will have with your babys for ever.
I wish you the best!!!

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Are all of your husbands quiet sleepers? His Dad snores
Do you put the baby in between you two or is mom in the middle? Have done both found these wonder soft bed rails of sort that go on the bed under the sheets on ebay the work wonderfully.
Are you awoken every time dad changes position to be sure baby is safe? nope
Does baby sleep still or does he move around? he moves sometimes usually to inch closer to me
Do you always have a hand on baby to be sure he is safe? usually he sleeps on my arm until he rolls against me
Do you have to sleep in the same position to keep an older baby from moving off the bed? mine is 9 weeks old
Are you getting deep sleep? Or are you waking halfway up when someone moves? deep sleep unless he cries
Do you sleep with pillows, blankets, a shirt on or off for frequent nursing? 1 pillow blanket on his legs nursing bra
Has baby ever fallen off? no
Is it safe with a mobile toddler who isn't smart enough to keep himself safe?

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I co-sleep with my 18 month old son, and have since pretty much birth. My husband works shift work and while we co-slept as a family for part of the night, and my son slept in a co-sleeper next to my bed part of the night (thru 5months, about). At about 7 months, we moved up the full size bed in the spare room and that is where my son and I sleep. So, to re-cap, my husband sleeps in 'our' bed and my son and I sleep in a different bed. It works for our family and we all get a good night's sleep.

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We sleep with the cot between the bed and the wall on my side of the bed, no gaps. Baby sleeps downstairs near us, usually in the sitting room, until we go to bed, so there is no baby monitor in use in our house. Once we head to bed baby sleeps in the cot and I sleep in the bed near him. During the night or early morning baby usually wakes for a BF and he stays in the bed after that, between the cot and me. Daddy sleeps on my other side. (Cot-Baby-Mom-Dad)

Dad is a quiet sleeper mostly. I kicked him out of the bed altogether the few times he'd had a drink or two...which is when he would tend to snore.

I wear loose fitting PJs and a nursing bra to bed (sometimes I wear a vest instead). On hot nights I just wear a nursing bra for nighttime feeding. I like to be able to close one side (as he pulls on my clothes/nipple as he nurses, ouch!) and 2 layers can be very warm.

Our toddler is very mobile when awake but doesn't move much in his sleep. It's more early morning maybe 5am by time he comes into the bed anyway so it's just about 2 hrs that he's with us.

This baby has fallen out twice but not in the the morning while fully awake and crawling about, he was fine both times. Our eldest baby crawled to the bottom of the bed as we slept and fell out landing on her nose but she was grand besides a bruise. We felt very bad.

Baby spends most of the night in the cot at this stage with his own blankets. In our bed he sleeps/nurses under the duvet with me but he tends to kick all blankets off really.

I would tend to keep an arm on him and my knee bent to prevent him slipping/moving down in the bed if he doses off. I sleep on my side when he's in the bed but prefer to sleep on my stomach when he's not.

I get quite a deep sleep until the early morning and I doze more than sleep from 5 to 7:30. Some mornings I wake to find him asleep beside me and have no recollection of bringing him into the bed, but his Daddy would have seen me moving him. He barely bothers either of us at night really.

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I commend you for wanting validation and improvement...I think there's always something new to learn...especially with babies and mommies. Kudos to you!
Here are some of my responses to your questions...
Do you put the baby in between you two or is mom in the middle?
When he was little (pre 6 mo), we co-slept...he was on the outside and in a connector to the bed...after he could roll over (and when my hubby returned to working nights) we moved him to the middle of the bed and started bed sharing. He's been there ever since (just turned 2). We are starting to transition him to his toddler bed (still co-sleeping because he will likely stay in our room for a while).
Are you awoken every time dad changes position to be sure baby is safe?
I did's an important thing to consider...but I would be just as scared of my positioning...
Does baby sleep still or does he move around?
When he was younger he didn't move much, but now he moves around like a helicopter!
Do you always have a hand on baby to be sure he is safe?
No. I know that when the baby is really an infant...there are bed s made especially for them..maybe look for those...I've started to see them in conventional stores like Babies R Us now too. That might provide some initial reassurance.
Do you have to sleep in the same position to keep an older baby from moving off the bed?
no...we have a really small queen size bed...and my husband and I are both side sleepers...
Are you getting deep sleep? Or are you waking halfway up when someone moves?
I think we get better sleep this way then we did when we slept in diff beds or diff was just too hard for me to be in another room....and I got way less sleep in that method
Do you sleep with pillows, blankets, a shirt on or off for frequent nursing?
I sleep with a nursing bra and shirt that is convenient for that...he doesn't nurse much anymore...unless we have a bad hubby and I use pillows...but small ones only
Has baby ever fallen off?
No...thankfully! Ugh.
Is it safe with a mobile toddler who isn't smart enough to keep himself safe?
It's always a risk...and we monitor it and try and keep it as safe as possible...but you have to find comfort in the risks you choose to take...otherwise it's not worth it.
There is a lot of research out there about cosleeping and bedsharing. You can check mothering magazine for back articles and some really great research.
Good luck with your decisions...

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I've co-slept with all my babies. Dh snores pretty loud but it never bothered any of them. With newborns I usually have them between me and the wall with my hand on them or just above them so I can feel the top of thier head. With toddlers I usually have them in the middle but they do tend to move around. I have older kids so I always have at least a T-shirt on. dh is very attuned to the kids and has never rolled onto one but I'm still paranoid. Actually, a bigger problem is older kids coming in to snuggle early in the morning. I don't mind the snuggling but they are more likely to roll onto baby and not realize it. I've never had a baby fall off while sleeping but my early crawlers both made it off the bed. It freaked me out and I ended up putting the mattress on the floor for a couple months until they were able to slide off the bed safely. Hubby was very sweet to put up with this. :) Active toddlers are tricky. You might consider putting a pressure gate on your bedroom door at night and making your room toddler proof. That way they can't get hurt if they slip out of bed before you wake up. Sometimes you have to do strange things things to make co-sleeping safe. But remember that it won't last long and sleeping with your baby is definitely worth it.

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I co sleep with my daughter most the night except for Thursdays and Fridays my husband works overnights so he isn't home
when he is home I put the baby on one side and I am in the middle , my daughter has just started climbing off the bed so now right next to my bed is a crib mattress with just sheets on it my daughter moves around alot and so does my husband it is like sleeping on a roller coaster I am the world's lightest sleeper
I have been teaching my daughter how to sleep on the crib mattress during nap times
I nurse the baby to sleep it helps me fall asleep

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We co-slept with my daughter until she was almost 3 and we co-sleep with our son now he is 5mo. I keep him in front of me at all times so when I roll over he goes with. We also have an Arms Reach Co Sleeper attached to our bed and I love it, but he does sleep with us i n our bed often because we fall asleep while I'm nursing. He is always on my arm so I always know he is safe, I am a very paranoid mom as I did lose a child (due to chromosomal abnormalities) so I am quite over protective.

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We co sleep. It definately was easier in the early months but it still works now at 9 months. Now that she's older and crawling I don't let her sleep on the edge of the bed anymore. One solution that my parents came up with was when we were little Dad built a little bed that fit between the wall and parents bed. Crib mattress fit perfect. We use it when we spend weekend at my folks and is the best invention I've found if I could convince my hubby to build something similar...

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My daughter is 15 months old and we still co-sleep, although we will be transitioning her to own bed next week.

My husband is a deep sleeper, but is quiet, doesn't move too much.

NEVER put baby between you, baby should always be on the outside!

I usually don't wake up when my hubby moves, my daughter always sleeps on the outside so I don't have any subconcious worries.

My daughter changes position, but not frequently.

My daughter and I cuddle, so I guess I'm always touching her, but not as a safety precaution so much anymore.

I can change positions as needed, I try not to turn my back to her, but I'm always comfy.

I get great sleep.

I put my pillow under my fitted sheet so that it couldn't slide onto her face, we have a light blanket, and I wear my pj's to bed.

Yes, my daughter has fallen off the bed before, but it happens, co-sleeping or not, babies fall.

It is probably safer to co-sleep with a mobile toddler than an immobile baby. a mobile toddler can move "out of the way", while an infant could squirm out of any sticky situations. Falling off the bed is much safer than suffocating under mom or dad.

I have thuroughly enjoyed co-sleeping with my daughter, I'm anxious about transitioning her to own bed, but it's time. You should look up the guidelines to co-sleeping safely (such as never co-sleep with baby if you have been drinking, are on any strong medications, if you've been doing drugs, never push your bed up to the wall and have baby sleep on wall side etc etc etc.) Good luck with next baby!!!

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I have coslept with my daughter since she was born..She sleeps between me and my husband. She doesn't move around unless she is hungry and wants me to feed her..I get much more sleep than if she were in a crib..I wear a nursing tank to bed, it is very comfortable and it is easy access..My baby has never fallen off the bed because she is in the middle. It sounds to me like your husband may have sleep apnea, my husband has it and he wears a mask to sleep. He is a VERY LOUD snorer and it is impossible to sleep next to him if he is not wearing his mask. I would encourage your husband to have a sleep study done. It could change his life! I know it changed my husbands, he now sleeps much better and is a much happier person, and so am I!

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My baby is 3 months old. My fiance snores, but so does the baby! We usually put her between us, but when I want to cuddle with my fiance, she gets the outside. I used to wake up often to check on her, but I don't anymore because I know she will make noise if something bothers her. She pretty much stays still, though she will occasionally move her head side to side. I don't keep my hand on her. She can't roll yet so I don't worry about her going anywhere. Most nights I do get deep sleep- it's great! If I don't wake up when she's fussing, daddy does. I do sleep with a pillow. I always have to keep a bra on cuz I leak so I need those pads, but it's not hard to nurse her. I just pull down on the bra. She's never fallen off. My personal opinion: I just love co-sleeping. Our bed is only a double so sometimes we do get squished, but I love it anyway. It's like a family cuddle all night long :)

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Hubby snores, but it doesn't seem to bother bub :)
I sleep in the middle, as hubby has to take a medication with a side effect of drowsiness. By morning it's worn off though, so I often put her in the middle for the last hour so we can feed with me lying on the other side.
Baby doesn't move off the bed - she sleeps with her face and arms towards me. She's only ten months, but I doubt this will change, she's like a little barnacle clinging on to me!
I sleep ok, but she does wake frequently to feed (yes,still)... I'm just glad I don't have to get up to feed her...
Firm pillows, blankets instead of doona to reduce risk of suffocating, and I make sure she has her head above the covers when we've finished feeding. I sleep with a button-up top undone to breast height so she can feed easily.
Baby has never fallen off, but we have a bed rail.
Important thing to note when co-sleeping: a bigger danger than you rolling on bub is bub slipping down the side of the mattress and getting stuck. So if bed is against wall or furniture make sure it is RIGHT UP against it, no gaps. I use rolled-up towels to make sure, and check every night. The ideal arrangement is to take the bed off the base and put it on the floor away from everything - if you have enough room and can get hubby to agree!

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my son's crin is in our room and we nurse to sleep. but lately it has been too hot in that bedroom, so we moved downstairs to the spare bedroom.

my 17 month old sleeps in bed with me on the nights that my husband is working. hubby is a big guy...the 3 of us cannot fit.

our bedsharing arrangement: bed pushed up to the wall and mommy sleeps on the wall side. toddler sleeps on the the bedrail side.

my 17 month old flip flops around so much like a fish out of water. i am constantly keeping waking up ever so slightly to see if he is going to fall off (the rail is working really well!!)

we still nurse when we bedshare but not as much...he sleeps a little better and so does mommy.

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My husband is a loud sleeper (snores etc) but my girls either didn't notice or got used to it. I will say both my kids are also snorers so perhaps that's why it never bothered them.

As tiny newborns and young infants my girls always slept on the outside and me in the middle. As they got older (closer to 1 year) I started putting them between my husband and myself. When we had baby #2 and #1 was still in bed with us (she was almost 2) I put her in the middle then myself and the baby on the outside. Now that #1 has transitioned to her own room (at 3 1/2) my youngest sleeps in the middle.

I don't think my husband changing positions never bothered me but my husband said that when my girls were younger anytime they would so much as turn their head or twitch their arm I would automatically move my arm and put it on their stomach to check on them. I guess it was just that subconscious maternal instinct to be sure they were ok. He says I would leave it there a few seconds like I was just checking their breathing and then move it again.

As young babies my girls were still sleepers, now they are all over the place. I often get kicked or rolled over in the night by my youngest at 20 months old.

As a tiny infant they slept in the crook of my arm. At this point I don't consciously sleep with my hand on my daughter but I find myself often waking up kind of "spooning" her.

When they are older they generally sleep in the middle of us. Sometimes my daughter will switch over to the outside of the bed to nurse on the other side or sometimes if she gets hot since I guess the body heat from both my husband and myself is too much but when she is on the outside I do kind of curve my body around hers. She likes to sleep touching me so she really doesn't go anywhere near the edge of the bed.

At first I didn't get very deep sleep but once I got used to having a baby in the bed with me I was able to again. I think that often people think of deep sleep as not being as aware though. Or that you can't get deep sleep if you have a baby in the bed. Our bodies are naturally designed to protect our babies whether we are sleeping or not.

With young babies we each had a small pillow and a sheet that we kept down around our waist. I wore a nursing cami and generally kept the flaps open. Now we sleep with pillows and blankets and I wear a tshirt or whatever to bed since my 20 month old can help herself no matter what I'm wearing.

My kids have each fallen out of bed 1 time and both of those times it was daylight, we weren't sleeping but I just underestimated their new crawling skills. They've never fallen out while sleeping.

It's safe with a mobile toddler if you're on top of it. My girls have never tried to crawl off the bed at night, like I said it was during the day that they fell off and I just wasn't paying as close attention as I should have been.

Lisbeth - posted on 06/06/2010




We still have an active sex life their are other rooms in the house to "snuggle" in including the spare bed room. and either way you should be careful when co-sleeping and read up on it and all the rules of it.

Jessie - posted on 06/06/2010




are all of your husbands quiet sleepers?

Not remotely. but Baby is used to it I guess, it doesnt seem to phase him

Do you put the baby in between you two or is mom in the middle?

Im def. in the middle dad tosses and turns and he isnt as attuned to baby as I am. :(

Are you awoken every time dad changes position to be sure baby is safe?

not really, but like I said Im in the middle, if baby was next to him for sure

Does baby sleep still or does he move around?

Very still, I dont think he moves at all !

Do you always have a hand on baby to be sure he is safe?

come to think of it I do... hmm never noticed

Are you getting deep sleep? Or are you waking halfway up when someone moves?

light sleep, but when baby is in crib, he only sleeps for half an hour stretches so I really prefer 3hours of light sleep to half an hour of deep sleep

Do you sleep with pillows, blankets, a shirt on or off for frequent nursing?

pillows and blankets yes, but shirt off because it is easier to nurse, yes

Has baby ever fallen off?

never, he doesnt move much but when he does im awake immediately

Merry - posted on 06/06/2010




thanks you two! well i sleep very mobile, i move around probably hourly and my husband is a deep sleeper and i worry he wouldnt be in tune with a baby next to him but i guess he hasnt layed on my or anything :) we only have a queen and my hub is a big guy so i dont think we would have room unless we had a king bed. Lisbeth i like your idea of the bed pushed to the wall. this sounds like id be at ease about the safety and not having baby between us two.

how do you all have sex? i mean do you stay in the bed w the baby asleep? or...idk and anyone have a child that naturally wanted their own bed? and at what age span do you think this happens?

myetta, i just saw ur coment, do you think you n hubby miss out on sex or cuddling? we love our time snuggling and etc in bed and i dont want to sleep apart, the couch seems like we wouldnt be a couple...but what works for some doesnt for others.

Myetta - posted on 06/06/2010




Okay I'll try to answer your questions too
my fiance is a LOUD sleeper, after our first child together, she slept between us, and there was a couple times his arm would land on her and I would panic and hit him and tell him he had his arm on her, but eventually he got better.
As she got older she began to move around, so then I had 2 people that snores and rolled in their sleep.
After the incidents with the fliling dad, I would cuddle around her until she was about 1
Once I was about 6 months pregnant I couldn't deal with his snoring or her feet in my back and started sleeping on the couch, and was soon joined by the then just about 2 year old around 3 am every morning. Now daddy sleeps in on the couch and the 2 year old and 1 month old sleep together. I curl up with the 1 month old as I did the older one, but the older one usually rolls towards the foot of the bed then stretches out.

I sleep pretty deep but can wait at the slightest sound.
I sleep without a top or just a scoop neck tank for easy nursing, and there's pillows and blankets. none of my 4 children have ever fallen out of bed and all of them co-slept until they were at least 2.5.

Lisbeth - posted on 06/06/2010




Ok so here I go trying to answer your questions one by one
-no my bf snores but you and baby get used to it it is like white noise
-our bed is against the wall and I sleep in the middle most of the time but dad also is very in tuned to the baby and he slept with her the first night in the hospital so I could get some rest and brought her to me when she needed to be fed.
-no I am not
-some babies move my does I just give her enough room to move you need a big bed for this
-not always but sometime I hold her hand or put her legs over one of my arms in between my hand and elbow so I can still be close to her
-no I don't sleep in the same position
-I do get deep sleep she gives me a little kick, punch or cry when she wants milk
-I do sleep with pillows she does not, I do sleep with blankets she does not, I either sleep with a tank top or topless
- no my baby has never fallen off a bed
- yes it is safe as my daughter is 20 months and trust me they are smart enough right from the start.

just so you know it has been proven that mothers who exclusively breast feed with no pumping for bottles at all and co-sleep sleep better and more than any other mother.

Erin - posted on 06/06/2010




ok i am going to attempt to answer ur questions one by one haha, here it goes...

my partner is a very light sleeper(have never been worried about him rolling on the baby as he is very in tuned with our daughter as am i)
baby is in between us (kind sized bed)
neither of us move very much in the night, we tend to wake in the same position we fall asleep in.
i am very well rested have been since my baby was a month old, i attribute that to co-sleeping. and nursing laying down. i dont sleep heavy but i sleep well
i sleep holding my babies hand (more to comfort her than to check on her safety)
we sleep with one pillow each and a thin blanked (they never come into contact with the baby)
i sleep in a tank top for nursing
baby has never even come close to falling.
and i cant not answer the toddler question as i have never coslept with a toddler :)

well i hope i haven't missed any of your questions :)

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