colic or fussy?

Nicole - posted on 08/09/2009 ( 15 moms have responded )




Hey moms.. I was wondering if any of you are having a hard time with your babies during the night time hours. I find it a lot more difficult to lay my 2 week old down to sleep after a feeding during the night (starting from 12 to about 4am). I was wondering if it could just be that she is fussy during these hours (as in having her nights and days flipped) or is she just "colicky". If so, does this gripe water remedy work? Any suggestions?


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Rose - posted on 07/30/2016




Babies magic tea is supposed to be the perfect remedy for all types of tummy troubles and colic. It worked wonder for my colicky baby.

Samantha - posted on 08/14/2009




Gripe water is basically supposed to settle their stomach, and colic is not a stomach problem. Our baby had colic, and you can get rid of the gas and reflux, go to the chiropractor, and do all of that stuff, and if they are colicky none of it works. If you think it is gas, than I'd try the gripe water or gas drops. I would just give it some time, it may just be a growth spurt, or that your baby is just wanting more mommy time and is fussing to get your attention.

Nicole - posted on 08/14/2009




It could just be her fussy time. My daughter started getting fussy around 2 1/2 weeks but hers kept getting worse - as in she'd be up for one day, then it stretched to two and then three days mostly awake, cat napping here and there. Talked to her ped and he said reflux so she's been on zantac for a few weeks now and it's improving slowly. I think there's a dairy component too but that would make for a long story here. But she still doesn't like to sleep laying down, no matter what time of the day. Feel free to contact me about the dairy... I'm learning a lot!

Summer - posted on 08/14/2009




Dr Karp's book Happiest Baby On The Block was a great read for me. He has some pretty cool ideas about "colicky" babies and how to calm them and get them to sleep. My son (who is now 16 weeks old) only had a couple of fussy hours at night, but I could calm him down in less than 5 minutes and still can using the techniques.

Holly - posted on 08/13/2009




Is she spitting up a lot? My daughter was also BF and had trouble going down at night after being fed. We found out she had acid reflux and this is what was causing her to be so fussy. Her pediatrician prescribed her some Zantac and it helped a ton!

Crystal - posted on 08/12/2009




My son had a hard time sleeping at night because he was a little backwards. He was colic for a couple months and we used the gripe water and it does work. 1/2 teaspoon in a dropper every 4 hours is what our pediatrician told us to do and it took only a couple days and it worked. It wouldnt hurt to try!

Joanie - posted on 08/12/2009




I think this is quite normal. I used my swing a lot to help my baby during the early morning hours. I would never dare put a newborn to sleep on her stomach unless she is asleep on your chest so you can monitor her. I've also taken my baby to bed with me because cuddling and the occasional patting helped him sleep.

If it is colic or fussiness, you can try cutting out dairy from your diet to see if that helps at all. Most of the time if bf babies have upset tummies it's because of dairy in mom's diet.

Emily - posted on 08/10/2009




Dr. Karp rocks!
The miracle blanket is also a lifesaver!

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I recommend reading the boodk "The Happiest Baby on the Block" it saved my life. I employed the methods in this book and my daughter was extremely easy to sooth using them.

Rebecca - posted on 08/09/2009




I would not recomend putting baby to sleep on her belly. I would think that the fussyness you talk about is completely normal for a newborn baby. They are usually fussy in the evenings. If you have tried everything to calm baby down and nothing is working then just try to swaddle baby and rock them to sleep. I have used Gripe water and it is totally safe to use even on newborns. It is a hit and miss thing though sometimes it may work and other times not. Maybe try some Oval drops as well? Most babies fussiness will change around the 2 month mark so just hang in there!

Nicole - posted on 08/09/2009




I know a lot of people that put their children down to sleep on their bellies... I think, however, 2 weeks is too young to begin doing that, no? Anyhow... maybe doing some belly time during her "WAKE" hours would be wise! Thanks for your help ladies!!!

Stephanie - posted on 08/09/2009




Like Lucy said it is too early to really tell.Are you breastfeeding?If you are you can try clustering your feeding a little closer together.Like maybe at 8:30 then a little more at 9:30 and a small snack at 10 if she is still up.Try keeping it relaxing about an hour before you want her to go to sleep and also during night feeds,Very low lights, low tv or music.A fan or anything that makes white noise like a radio or tv on snowy channel.No talking and very little to no eye contact[very stimulating to babies]She is still so young that you may want to try using a sling or baby wrap to keep her close to your chest and your heart beat.They are also really good for carrying them later too.If none of this works you can try out the techniques on this clip from the happiest baby on the block

I have the dvd and it worked really well for me.I wouldnt recommend the gripe water unless you talk to your docter and tried all other options first.I hope this helps you out Nicole.Good luck.

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Breastfeeding babies are usually never colicky... the colic is from the formula that the babies stomach can't take yet so it gets their stomachs all upset... its not natural- plus it has too many gas bubbles. I found that laying my daughter on her belly (i know everyone is going to kill me for saying it but I think SIDS doesn't come from belly down babies) helps her sleep so much better. There is NO proven evidence of belly side down being the reason for SIDS. My entire family and generation that raised me did belly down and not one of us or them had problems.

Lucy - posted on 08/09/2009




2 weeks is too early to tell! It could be colic, it could be fussing, it could all change by next week!! My son seemed to go through lots of phases of restlessness in the early days. My advice would be just to go with it, do the best you can to soothe her and if it's keeping you awake sleep whenever you can!!

Babies don't have schedules, they certainly aren't born with one! Trust me that she will settle eventually but 2 weeks is still very young and I wouldn't try any colic remedies (including gripe water) until she's older and you are both more in tune with each other.

It sounds very familiar and normal to me. If you really think she's distressed you could talk to your doctor but i honestly think that 'this too shall pass'!

best of luck and hope you get some peaceful nights soon xxx

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