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I know this is a BFing community but I like it the best. Anyways here's my question/concern. My son is now just over four months. He use to "talk" a lot but now I've noticed he doesn't as much. He would make all the cute noises and sounds but now he just grunts and kinda whines more. He still "talks" just not as often and I'm concerned somethings going on. A few weeks ago he was hospitalized with a fever of 105 and I'm wondering if that did something. Also and I feel so terrible about it, a few days ago I set him down in his car seat and as I was putting his diaper bag in the car my water botttle fell out and hit him on top his head. I don't know if it hit his soft spot but I do know it got him next to it because there was a mark :( I'm thinking I did something to him and I just want to cry! He also hasn't really laughed. Once in a while he'll let out a chuckle or a few but that's it. My friends baby that not even three months is already laughing hesterically(?). I use to joke and say I have a very serious baby but now I'm concerned there's something more. My husband just thinks he's going through a phase. Any moms go through this or have similar situations? Help please!


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I remember my daughter doing that too. I was so afraid something happened that caused her to stop "talking." Turns out she was just busy trying to learn something else. She started rolling over soon after that. When they're really focused on a new developement milestone they tend to not use the things they know already for a little while. I'll bet he's just getting ready to do something new and once he does it and gets the hang of it, you'll hear him talk more. Don't worry!

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As fragile as they may seem babies are really durable! I'm sure that the water bottle incident will not having lasting effects. Babies definitely do have personalities from the moment they are born, and some are more serious than others. My daughter was like your son and although she did laugh, not nearly as often as other babies. As she got older she laughed much more. I worked in a daycare and there was such a wide range of personalities in a room of 6-8 infants!
Unfortunately, although its unlikely a fever as high as 105 could technically affect the brain. This is usually only the case if it stays high though so if he got immediate care then most likely there wouldn't be lasting damage. As for his vocalizing he could just be trying out different types of sounds. I wouldn't be worried unless he stopped vocalizing completely. My daughter prefered grunting noises to babbling as an infant and now at 22 mo. she is talking all the time, although she is hard to understand but she is well with-in normal range.
I know its impossible to stopping worrying, its just what moms do but hopefully you can relax a little :) He sounds fine to me.

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I would think he is fine. My 2 year old bumped heads with my son 3months old the other day and he seems fine, cried for a few seconds, but hes fine. If ur concerned call early intervention. they will come out and evaluate him in ur home for free. they start from birth to 3 years old. my daughter has a speach delay and is getting speach thereapy through them. fevers that high can do some damage, im sorry to say plus the bump on the head with a water bottle prob isnt so good either, but these things happen. if ur worried call early intervention. idk where u live but all states have em. google one in ur area


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It's VERY possible that he's just a serious baby, or that he's working on a new skill and doesn't have time to talk. And it's not very likely that a bump on the head caused any serious injury. If it had there would have been other signs of injury. But, with all that said, there could be a possibility that he could have a speech delay of some sort. If you really think there is a problem you can contact your local health dept. about early intervention or you could wait for a while to see if he starts talking again in the next few weeks.

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