continue cosleeping but end night feedings

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My ten month old still wakes to nurse every two hours at night. He gets plenty or breastmilk during the day so I know he doesn't need it at night but I'm typically too lazy to try anthing else. After a particularly bad night last night I just can't take it anymore. How can I still cosleep but sleep through the night?

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Sandie - posted on 02/17/2011




i had this situation also, before he eventually stopped wanting to spend the whole night with us, (he would wriggle about and whimper until he got put back in his cot). to stop the night feedings i also offered water like gemma said, i also made sure to wear a big tshirt in bed so he couldnt pull it down or up to get to me, i didnt want to tease him by having a strappy pj top or something easy for him to move away. def try offering water, and covering up. i also spent a couple of nights facing away from him, it was weird for me to not be cuddling him but he laid flat against my back most of the night, and the rest of the night daddy got nice cuddles from a very sleepy little boy...although he did try to suck at my hubbys nipple...maybe your fella should wear a top in bed too so that doesnt happen, haha!! good luck!

Gemma - posted on 02/17/2011




i have a 2 1/2 year old and when she was that age she still woke up once in the night to feed. i was told that when she was doing this more that you should try giving them water when they wake. this will adventually (hopefully) lead to them sleeping longer as they won't like waking to water all the time.

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