coping with breast refusal ?

Carolyn - posted on 10/29/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




Okay so baby and I have been nursing wonderfully for almost 5 months. we hit our first snag when refused the breast just before my period returned and for a few days there after. no biggie, read all about it totally normal, first assault , over with !

so 3 almost 4 weeks go by no issues everything is wonderful ! then bam , second breast refusal assault ! Ah should be my period ! he refused me for 3 days , like i mean screamed at the sight of the boob ! ( would drink my pumped milk though) and then one morning picked back up like nothing happened, and still no period., we nursed fine for a few days during which i started my period and he continued to nurse. then bam ! 3 assault ! i figure teething since his stool was looser, he would latch then pull off screaming , slight fever, excessive drool and chewing . anywho turns out after about 5 days of this ( with some nursing and some refusal) he had a virus to boot. towards the end of that he was nursing just fine everything was great. Woke up this morning he nursed vigourously, then his next feeding he just screamed at the sight of my breast, and same for the last.

I find it so stressful. I plan to nurse for 6 months, maybe a few more, then pump for as long as possible. I have a great supply , good let down , have not changed my diet recently, no new soaps lotions perfumes etc.

so im wondering has anyone experienced these refusal, is this teething ? ( i know which were due to my period) but these flat out refusals to even touch the nipple are stressful. pumping to empty for me takes a while, i seem to have an everlasting flow of milk, but i do not want my supply to go down so i have to pump, then bottle feed and then clean the pump and the bottles, breast is just so much more efficient and tidy!

so im looking for people with similar experiences and how you got through it.


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It does sound like teething. Have you tried giving him something to chew on before nursing? Maybe a cold teether or a damp washcloth that's cooled down in the freezer for a while.

Carolyn - posted on 10/29/2010




nursing laying down is uncomfortable for me and neither of us really like it much. I have tried to nurse him while he is sleepy and/or asleep, i manage to sneak the boob in for a few but alas, he catches on and the screaming begins ! I can handle the once a month aunt flow warnings, but this three days off, three days on , morning on rest of the day off is bothersome. He doesnt even try to latch, the moment i lay him on the nursing pillow he starts hollering because he knows the boobie monster ( as my husband calls it lol) is about to come out !

im just praying its teeth and they make their appearance swiftly so we can get back to normal

Aicha - posted on 10/29/2010




It is completely normal some babies go on breastfeeding strikes my daughter did when she was cutting her first 2 teeth I just pumped and waited it out that is all you can do also try nursing when he is sleepy and sometimes laying down in a dark quite room helps

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