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my 6 month old son has begun interrupting his feedings with short crying bouts. up until about a week or so ago he was a simple nurser - no complaints, no problems. but now, at some point during all daytime (this hasn't happened at night) feeds, he will pull himself off the breast and begin to cry. he doesn't seem to need to burp or change breasts...i've checked both. my milk is fine - there is no question that i have enough and yet these crying jags. he will cry for about 10 seconds or so and i can then just pop him back on. i wonder if this can be related to teething? or is he over tired when i feed him? curious to know if anyone else is/has experienced this and if there is anything i can do to settle him down..


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Chelseaszidik - posted on 05/10/2009




I think that your son could either be teething, have an ear infection or he could have thrush. I would suggest taking him to the doctor for an ear check and if there is no infection to treat him for thrush. The common signs of thrush:

Fussyness at the breast
White spots in the infants mouth (not always)
Sore nipples (not always)

The treatment is easy and is often used to rule out thrush because it is not harmful in anyway even if your infant doesn't have thrush. You can pick up Gingian Violet at your local pharmacy. Apply it to your infants mouth and your nipples twice a day for up to four days.
The only reason I suggest seeing your doctor is to first rule out an ear infection but you can begin the treatment for thrush before you go to the doctor. Good luck and let me know if these things don't work. I do have other suggestions if this is not the case.

Megan - posted on 05/09/2009




My daughter did this when she was teething and when she had an ear infection. If it continues, you may want to talk to your pediatrician to see if there is fluid on his ears or if there are teeth coming through. She also had some problems here and there if she got overtired and if that is the case you could try feeding him while he is still in a good mood. Best of luck!

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