Dairy and Soy Milk

Leah - posted on 06/12/2011 ( 6 moms have responded )




I just had our third baby, I realized that dairy in my diet was messing his stomach up. I I took the dairy out and saw a huge improvement. I starting using soy milk in place of the cows milk, but his stomach got messed up again. Has this happened to anyone else?


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Gina - posted on 06/19/2011




My son has a skin allergy from milk but for some reasoin it doesn't upset his tummy. At first he couldn't have cheese either but now that he is 13 months it is all settling down, i don't give him a drink of cows milk but he has it in weetbix and he has cheese, what is weird is that he was never allergic to the baby custard or yogurt, or if something was cooked with milk in it.

Jane - posted on 06/19/2011




I have used almond milk. It doesn't taste exactly the same as milk but seems to do a similar job to milk.

Aleks - posted on 06/18/2011




Yes!!! My daughter has had both dairy protein intollerance and soy intollerance. I believe that she also has issues with yeast (though that didn't seem to come through my breastmilk). It took me something like 7mths (and a lot of hardships dealing with a collicy baby/toddler) to figure it out. I read somewhere that something like 60% of people/children that have a milk/dairy protein intollerance also have soy intollerance. So it is quite common in that group.

My son on the other hand had the dariy protein intollerance but was fine with soy.

BTW, son outgrew his dairy protein intollerance after 12mths of age. While my daughter is still struggling with larger amounts of dairy in her diet and she is 2yrs and 4mths old. She still very much does not really tolerate soy (so I am wondering if she ever will be able to tolerate it).

I use fortified rice milk, oat milk or almond milk, sometimes I used coconut milk (which I still use instead of cream when cooking asian/indian dishes). She seems to like these which is a positive. I still breastfeed her min 3 times a day (I feed on demand still) mostly because she does not really have access to all the right fats required for a young/child toddler in her diet outside of breast milk or has lower amounts of these in her diet than required. This is because the rice/oat/almond milks may be fortified with vitamins, minerals and calcium but not the fats (packets here in Australia clearly state that these should not be used as whole milk products for children under 5years of age).

It is hard sometimes to be on a restrictive diet, but I believe that is well worth it. After a while one gets used to this diet which it also trains ones creativity in cooking! LOL

Not to mention is sooooooo much more healthier (as one has to avoid most of the processed foods from supermarket that are laden with much more than just milk and soy) as it forces one to cook from scratch more often - which we all know is much more healthier style of eating all round. :-) See there is a positive lining to this cloud sometimes :-)

Anyway, hope this helps you and makes you feel like you are not alone.

Anita - posted on 06/18/2011




My daughter had an intolerance to dairy and soy as a baby. She out grew it, we started introducing small amounts back into her diet at about 15 mths. She also couldn't have potato, or banana. Thankfully she out grew that as well! Its quite hard to feed a kid who can't eat the staples! Now she avoids yeast as much as possible. My youngest refused any sort of milk (except breast), be it cow or soy or goat or anything that looked like milk! (cheese and yoghurt were ok) She weaned from the breast at 14 mths and just went without until she was almost 2, when she started trying milk. She has such a good variety in her diet that it didn't really matter that she wasn't drinking milk.

Maria - posted on 06/18/2011




That's common for allergic babies...
My 15 month old was allergic to both cow milk and soy milk. (and wheat and egg and peanut) He out grew the soy and wheat allergies by 13 months (thank goodness!)
I started to use goat milk in cooking and was told by his allergy doctor that was not a good idea, there is a 90% chance a cow milk allergic person will also be allergic to goat milk.

The safest bet is rice milk, until you are sure he isn't allergic to nuts. (Coconut is considered by some part of the nut family for allergies)

Didi - posted on 06/18/2011




Many people who are allergic to milk will be allergic to soy as well. Try rice and coconut milk. Since he has issues with milk he is more likely to have issues with the other common allergic foods: soy, egg, peanut, tree nut, fish, shell fish.

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