debating whether to stop breastfeeding

Jennifer - posted on 12/14/2011 ( 8 moms have responded )




My LO is 8 1/2 months old. I work full time so I pump at work and he will drink that the next day. Well I only am able to pump about 10 oz a day (if I'm lucky) and he will eat about 20 0z while I'm gone so he gets half in formula. Every day I go back and forth on weather I should just stop or continue. I love my time with him (when we are together I only nurse him) but I am getting tired of the pumping. I pump 3 times while at work then I come home and while feeding him on one side I pump the other then I also will wake up @330 am to pump for 20 minutes before I start getting ready. I do all this for only 10 oz and it seems like so much trouble. Some times I think maybe I should just stop pumping and nurse him in the am and night but then I think 10 oz is 10 oz and that is better nutrients he is getting and less formula I have to buy (i'm a single mother so I need all the savings I can get) tell me what everyone thinks or if you have went thru this yourself. Ugh I'm so torn in what to do!!!!


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I first just want to say that I THINK YOU ARE AMAZING. I breastfeed my 10 month old and my 3 year old (still). If I had to work, I don't know that I would have made it at the back to work stage. Beyond that... here's a suggestion. Have you tried cluster feeding at night? Some babies will feed primarily at night and barely eat throughout the day. Also, you could try more food during the day with breastmilk as the main beverage and minimally supplement with formula. The point being try to co-sleep, breastfeed a BUNCH at night, and see how the day goes... 10 oz. might be enough. also, make sure you're drinking a TON of water and you could try some momma's milk teas to increase milk production. I think the main ingredient is fenugreek, which you can actually get at an Indian food store for MUCH CHEAPER than anywhere else. If you look at pictures of babies or have a recording of your baby crying you will have a faster letdown and potentially produce more. Also, there's this thing called power pumping. look it up and TRY that. You could do it at work if you have an hour long lunch. Hope this helps. Again, I want to say how amazing I think you are for pumping and pumping and pumping!


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Have you seen this link? Babies only need about an oz per hour when apart. If your lo is taking in 20 oz, that's almost the total amount needed for the full day! You are doing amazing and probably producing exactly what your lo needs! I had to fight with out first dcp about them overfeeding my dd.

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If I had to pump I don't think I could've done it, so I think you are doing GREAT!! Really it's up to you what you want to do. I think if you can handle pumping for a few more months it would be better... especially for your wallet ;) but if it's just too much.... nothing wrong w/ using formula and baby food while you are gone and nursing as much as he wants when the two of you are together.

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thanks Celeste for the info but believe me I have read that whole website and tried to follow it but nope my baby has his thing going on. I was using slow fllow nipples but but around 6 months he started crying because it wasn't coming out fast enough so I switched to med flow believe me I didn't want to but he just wouldn't have it.

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my lo drinks about 8 oz a feeding and it will last him about 5 hrs (w/ cereal in between) He has such a good appitite and yet he is so skinny so I wish that he he only ate 3 - 4 oz that is why 10 oz seems like really nothing

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A couple of thoughts.
-How big are the bottles? Breastfed babies need about 3 or 4 oz (at the most).
Here's a good link about bottles and breastfed babies:

Otherwise, I agree with Amy. I did stop pumping at work because of the job that I did (I was a special ed TA and one of our kids had frequent seizures, so we needed to be there). My daughter had formula during the day and then we nursed while together. Once we hit a year, I stopped pumping :)

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At 8 months I went down to only pumping twice a day at work, my daughter also went back and forth between breast and formula. When she was a year old I only pumped once a day and work, if I found the time so it wasn't every day and at about 14 months I stopped pumping at all. She is now 21 months old and she still breast feeds but I don't pump for her. It works on supply and demand if you don't want to spend more on formula I would keep pumping 3 times a day for maybe two more months and then cut dow to twice a day or maybe just once. I know how hard it is pumping but for me that was my alone time, I didn't have to tend to anyone or anything so when I stopped pumping I really missed that. Good luck with your decision but I do have to say once you hit a year it's so much easier since they can do food all the time, and you can continue to breastfeed when you are with baby!

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