DH shames toddler for breastfeeding.

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DH is always making comments to LO when she is nursing. She is 2 years 8 months. He tells her milk is nasty, that big girls don't need milk, that she's a baby. Etc. Etc. I know he doesn't support me at all but I really wish he wouldn't pick on her.


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Ouch!!! That's not good at all. I think you need to have a talk with him. When she's not around. Tell him if he's got a problem with her still nursing he needs to take it up with you, not with the LO. I'm guessing he thinks he's "helping" by trying to get her to not want to nurse anymore, but if you let him know he's not helping, and the way he's doing it is not going to do anything for her self confidence hopefully he will back off.

Also, even though he doesn't support you, you can still try to educate him some on the benefits of extended breastfeeding. That generally works for me when I get comments on still nursing my 2 year old. My favorite one is "the longer I nurse her the less chance she has of becoming obese as an adult, or of developing type 2 diabetes." Shuts people up right away... especially since I'm not a small person. And type 2 diabetes runs in my family. My mom was supportive of my breastfeeding each of my girls until about 1 year old. But as each of them got closer to age 2 her comments became more frequent about how I needed to wean. With my first, I didn't say anything other than "I'll wean her when she and I are both ready". The comments kept coming. With my 2nd, I've used the diabetes line, and that gets my mom going on how my Dad (who has type 2 diabetes) was formula fed. She has stopped pestering me about weaning my 2nd.

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