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Dear moms anyone of u have tips for let down during pumping? I have not problems of letting down when i feed my daughter and pump at the other side but when i pump at office it seldom let down by it self. I am using a hospital grade electric pump . Any advice for me? Thx


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Aileen - posted on 04/27/2011




Along with a picture of my daughter I also changed the speed setting on my pump when I first started a pumping session. I set it to a quicker speed to mimic baby when they are first trying to establish letdown. When my milk let down I set it to a slower speed to mimic the longer suckles baby uses to draw the milk out.

Ericka - posted on 04/27/2011




bring a pic of your baby with you to work and a blanket that baby slept with. when you are pumping put the blanket over the pump just like if you were nursing. sometimes we can trick our brain into thinking that we are actually nursing baby which will stimulate let down. also look at the pic of baby or even make a recording of baby crying since a crying baby always stimulates let down. sometimes we try too high of a setting on a pump when we are having trouble pumping a stronger setting sometimes does more harm than good so try a different setting. you could even use a warm compress to lay on your breast when pumping it gives a similar feeling to a hot shower

Jennifer - posted on 04/26/2011




I don't know if you get a chance to do this, but I would actually call my hubby sometimes when I was having trouble and put me on speaker phone and let me listen to our daughter coo or just make noise. That helped me a lot, but you may not have the chance. It all depends on your schedule and whether you have daycare or what. I also would look at a picture of my daughter or close my eyes and picture her in my mind. Another thing that worked and still works really well for me is closing my eyes and taking deep breaths while imagining my milk letting down/flowing. I use that even when my daughter is nursing and she gets crabby because the milk doesn't come fast enough. Lol! Good luck!

Corrie - posted on 04/26/2011




I'd have said a hot bath! But obviously you can't really do that at the office. Perhaps a bit of stimulation is needed before hand, Maybe try massaging the breast and nipple and exposing it to the air? I often found that as soon as i took of my slightly restrictive nursing bra, the let down was automatic.
I agree with the baby cry method and pehaps photographs. Or maybe you just need to adapt the time of day. For instance do you express before or after eating? Where do you do it? Make sure you're comfortable. Perhaps try hand expressing.
Good luck however you try it.

Constance - posted on 04/25/2011




When I had to pump and I was away from my kids I had the same problem. My friend reccomended that I record my bay crying something about the cry that helps with let down. It did seem to works at least for me.

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