Disappointed with illness!!!

Christine - posted on 02/15/2010 ( 12 moms have responded )




I'm EBF my 4 month old for many reasons but one of them was definitely to protect my daughter from illness.

She had to start daycare about 6 weeks ago but only for about 14 hours a week. That's all I work. Since then, she's been sick twice!!!! The first illness was just a cold but this last time she got RSV and an ear infection AND ended up in the hospital for 4 days with pneumonia from the RSV!!! Just got out of the hospital today!

I feel like I'm doing something wrong that is making her not get the protection that she should get from me. I know that's a little illogical but I still feel that way. And she's never even tasted formula or any solid food and she only has bottles of EBM on her daycare days. Other than that it's straight from the breast and competely on demand. Any body have any ideas on any ways to keep us both healthier? I am still taking my prenatals. Help anyone???

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Ania - posted on 04/16/2012




Being in daycare creates problems, there are a lot of babies there that spread germs and you won't be able to prevent this as for serious stuff like pneumonia it seems to me like it is somebody's fault at the daycrare, maybe window was open on a cold day and your baby got really cold this is the simplest single reason for kids being sick either overheating or not properly dressed for cold weather

Cantaremos - posted on 04/16/2012




Sorry I meant "When BFeeding fails, then people turn towards FORMULA, not BF."

Cantaremos - posted on 04/16/2012




"Think how much sicker she would be on formula!"

I beg your pardon? You cannot, simply because La Leche League lobbying made parents believe that BMilk was a magic liquid, suppose than with formula, this baby would have been MORE sick.

Because it is simply not true.

Now you have the proof that breast milk does not protect against illnesses, and still, breast is best etc?...this is pure denying.

This is DOGMA.This is not accepting reality.

The Kramer study shows us that Bmilk can only offer a slight protection against gastroenteritis (this means that 4 on 100 babies may avoid one or two episodes of gastroenteritis, not that they won't have gastroenteritis at all.)

The mother's antibodies cannot pass through the baby's blood. It can only act on a digestion level, that is where it MAY be helpful against gastro's. And that is much it.

No higher IQ's, no better interpersonal skills, no protection against viruses.

La Leche League basically LIED to women, wanting to promote BF for ideologic reasons, which is not clearly stated, of course. La Leche League is a catholic lobby. Nothing against them, but not for everybody.

WHO advised mothers to BFeed for six months. But this was mainly for underdeveloped countries, where water is not safe. La Leche League used this to promote its ideas.

I know some lactation consultants are honest, but I am talking about the head of LLL. Dr Sears ' theory (his is a member of LLL, as well as his wife) as no scientific grounds (constant carrying, co-sleeping). T. Bowlby, psychologist, has shown that babies need to be held and talked to regulargy, not held constantly. He simply observed african women and decided that it was the real thing. But they mainly carry their babies because, initally, these women were working outside. They did it for security reasons. We do not live in the same environment. This also induce sleeping problems. The baby will not accept to go back to bed. Babies need to get to sleep and wake up in the same environment..

Also, BFEEDING may cause, on mother's side, serious depressions, due to sleep deprivation, intense pain, repetitive feedings on a short timescale. When BFeeding fails, then people turn towards BF. We should stop allowing formula, then we would see how much BF can be a failure. Babies would basically DIE. Allowing formula helps to conceal breastfeeding failure. And then some mothers consider formula as poison. It saves life. It is perfectly ok.

I heard mothers saying "my baby wants to wean but I am not ready"..this is crazy, are you just doing this for your EGO?

I heard the story of a woman that had serious problems with Bfeeding, the baby could not latch on, he was starving. Still that crazy woman insisted, and after a year of crying (on both sides), pain, the baby ended up doing it correctly. She was so PROUD. She never, never, thought about the fact that her baby was SUFFERING. Hunger can cause serious pain. Do you really think this helped this mother and baby to bond?

This is what DOGMA can do. LLL insists that doctors do not know much about BF. So women should not listen to them when they advise to quit Bfeeding. This is DOGMA. They suppose that any woman can BF. Which is untrue.

So when your BFed baby is sick, despite sipping your milk, do not say that it would have been worse with formula. This is so unfair.

My baby was formula fed, 14 years ago, and guess what...he was never sick, he is healthy and clever...So what?

Becca - posted on 02/16/2010




I worked in day care up until the week before my little one was born. What we used to warn parents about was that it usually took 3-6months for a child to adjust to the common viruses and bugs that pass around among the children. After that adjustment period parents would notice a significant drop in the incidents of illness.

Morgan - posted on 02/16/2010




I can't offer any advice and my LO is older than yours but I feel like we're in the same boat! My daughter started daycare a month ago and she's been so sick ever since! I'm fortunate enough to nurse her throughout the day in daycare (I work in the building) but she is still as sick as the formula babies! boo!

Emily - posted on 02/16/2010




And, chances are she already got RSV antibodies from you. Most adults have already been exposed to it. It's just a nasty illness for young infants to get.

Emily - posted on 02/16/2010




Think how much sicker she would be on formula! RSV is not a pretty illness, no matter who gets it. Keep breastfeeding.. it may not prevent her from getting everything, but it will help recovery time and in the long run is much much healthier for her.

Danae - posted on 02/16/2010




Your baby isn't protected against illnesses that you haven't been exposed to. You antibodies only work if you have had or are fighting the illnesses that she is getting exposed to. Therefore the stuff she gets at daycare she has to fight herself. You could try a vitamin supplement for her, I got one for my boy that has A, D, and E I think.... Vitamin D is huge for helping her immune system and yours as well. You should be taking extra yourself on top of your pre-natals.

Christine - posted on 02/16/2010




she goes to a home daycare with only 4 other kids and she's the only infant so I know the wrong bottle isn't the problem. But thanks for the suggestion. I'm pretty sure it's just the way it is right now! :( So much going around!

April - posted on 02/16/2010




when you express milk for bottles, the antibodies aren't as strong in the bottle. some of the antibodies don't even pass through (antibodies have a very short life).

but it could also be that your daughter is getting the wrong bottle at daycare. i have heard of that happening a lot.

Tonya - posted on 02/15/2010




I would check to make sure the daycare center is cleaning diaper changiner areas, washing hands etc like they are supposed too. It sounds like you are doing everything you are supposed to do. Remember though that in a childcare center or any area in which a child is exposed to "other's germs" they are likelier to get sick. if you are concerend about the recurring illness definately speak to your childs dr. We are also in the winter months when illness's are more common due to enclosed areas because its too cold to be outside. it is normal for all children to experience illness. there could be an underlying health issue though that hasn't been detected. my daughter was allergic to milk and I didn't know it and was nursing her. She took it fine but had excema from the time she was born. we found out at 11 months old she was allergic to milk and eggs. being a mom is scary and no child is the same the most important thing is remembering to take time for yourself and make sure you stay healthy for her. having a child in the hospital can be unnerving but with the flu virus and other things we've had going around this year its not unusual for younger baby's to get sick, Hang in there mamma!! Best of luck!

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I often hear of moms saying things like, "my baby has never been sick and it must be because I breastfeed!" or something along those lines. I breastfeed too and my son (who's 14 months) has been sick a few times. A couple colds and one nasty 24 hour flu. Actually, he handled it pretty well but my husband and I also got it and I ended up going to the hospital and getting 2 bags of fluids. My son doesn't attend daycare but I'm a SAHM and we get out a lot! We go to the family drop in center by our house, we go to play dates, we go to the library, we go to the family friendly cafe in our neighbourhood...we're around other people all the time and exposed to all sorts of germs. So we pick up bugs here and there. The more your baby is exposed to germs the more likely she is going to get sick. Breastfed or not. Though she may get sick less than her non-breastfed daycare peers. Sometimes I feel the same way you're feeling now, but I know it's really OK. I'm sorry to hear that your little one has had some rough patches but the colds are actually kind of a good thing. It helps build the immune system. In my personal opinion, I don't think you're doing anything wrong.

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