discouraged and feeling guilty

Erika - posted on 07/18/2010 ( 18 moms have responded )




my son is going on 5 months and up until 2/3 weeks ago i was breast feeding and pumping. Pumping hasnt been as affective and I have not been getting much at all, and when I try to nurse he gets extremely fussy an refuses to nurse majority of the time I dont know if it could be attributed to him now being on solids, or what but I am feeling extremely guilty and discouraged because I want to breast feed him longer, but it seems impossible right now especially with pumping not working and all and on top of it I have little to no time to try to pump to stimulate production with my new job ..any help/ tips support would be highly appreciated


Misty - posted on 07/20/2010




Definitely do it to stimulate. I am a nurse on an inpatient unit so I work 12 hours and know how crazy healthcare can be. I know it sounds odd, but could you get a pumping bra that you can fit the shields in to make it virtually handsfree and hook yourself up to pump while traveling between patients. I know a lot of women that pumped while driving this way. I've had to do it a few times myself, just BE CAREFUL! Either way, take every chance you can get to pump in order to get your supply up. Even if you're not getting anything, the stimulation sends a single to your body to make more. When you are at home make sure you are offering the breast before solids and only give solids, in small amounts, 30 minutes to an hour after nursing. You don't want him to substitute solids for breastmilk until he is a year old.


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Merrilee - posted on 07/22/2010




my daughter is the same age and i have already introduced solids to her as well and she had seemed to not want the breast as much and it also worried me. my mother told me that she was just getting full from the solids and wouldn't need to bf as long because she was staying full longer.

Britney - posted on 07/22/2010




If you think your supply is low, I've have heard SO many good things about fenugreek. It's a natural supplement, so no negative side effects from what I understand. That might help with pumping if it's just a supply issue. I never could pump much either, but my supply was fine. Idk, the pump just didn't really work well for me... I'd spend 40 minutes and get 2 oz at the most. Very frustrating! You are super mom for sticking with it though! Don't give up! I second the idea of seeing a lactation consultant too. I found a really great one in my area and seriously don't think I would have made it past the first week if it weren't for her!

Jessica - posted on 07/22/2010




Feeling less full isn't always a supply issue. When nursing both my kids, as my supply evened out I felt less full. The fussiness when he nurses could be two things: 1) teething, both my kids have had nursing strikes when teething or 2) the solid foods. Do you nurse first or do solids first? I would recommend always nursing first if you aren't so you know your baby is getting the breast milk first. And I will say, pumping can be hard. I am having better luck with it this time around, but with the first, I never had good luck getting much. It definitely takes practice, and being able to relax when you pump. Also, the amount you pump isn't an exact indicator of how much your baby is getting when nursing, because babies are more efficient eaters than the pump is at draining you. Try not to feel guilty, just hang in there! and if you feel you need to up your supply a couple of natural ways to do it: drink lots and lots of water, eat oatmeal, and you can try fenugreek (not sure if spelled that right), it's a herb they sell in natural food stores. One other suggestion for getting better pumping output, try pumping one side while baby nurses on the other. That helped me get my supply up and also get the pump to mimic her nursing more so it was less uncomfortable for me.

Denise - posted on 07/22/2010




green leafy veg aid milk production and plenty of water

you can hire better breast pumps from the hospital
they can suck lime out of cement
i had issues when douglas was born and i hired one out it only took ten minutes as it worked that fast

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Try to consult a lactation consultant. Perhaps you could breastfeed your baby lots at home in the evenings and weekends. Always offer the breast BEFORE solids. How much is he having in the way of solids? If he's having lots, you could cut down a little.

You've got a terrific attitude, so congrats and keep on being a great mum.

Jessie - posted on 07/21/2010




I tried fenugreek (its an herbal supplement) and drank Mothers Milk Tea and it helped me for awhile. However I am also a 'terrible' pumper. I have a medela double electric and it doesnt work well for me (I have tried a few other types too) the most I have ever gotten is a few ounces and the last few months its been ounce or half ounce tops. when my son was almost 6 months old I got really sick for two weeks and couldnt pump a thing during that time and ending up having to supplement with formula. up until that time our son had been exclusively breastfed with starting solids. the most he has ever had for formula was at daycare while I worked partime. I have never let him have a bottle unless I am at work. I always nurse because he is a much better 'pump' for me. I pumped at work mostly for stimulation and the little I did get I saved for bottles while I was working. he just turned one and I have stopped pumping at work and he still nurses around 4 times a day. it sucks that I couldnt pump enough to keep up with him but I did my best, and so will you! do what you have to do to keep nursing dont feel you have to quit or that you are a failure even if you need a little help. I felt really guilty about it for a long time but now I am happy I made it this far even if I did need help

Melissa - posted on 07/21/2010




Drink plenty of water, go braless when possible, take hot showers b4 you pump, drink "Mothers Milk tea" and consult a lactition consultant. Do not give up!!!!!

Leslie - posted on 07/21/2010




My son is now 15 months and I'm still nursing. I had low milk supply for a number of reasons and had good success with a drug recommended by many lactation consultants called dom peridone. I'm not sure how much of your current frustration is b/c of your supply waning. My baby fussed when nursing for a number of months I think b/c he wasn't getting enough milk. I fell into a habit of following nursing with a bottle of breastmilk or formula to help with the crying. Pumping is no picnic, but if you and your boy aren't ready to wean, it's a necessary means to an end. I find that co-sleeping helps keep the production flowing as well, but that only works if you and your loved ones buy in. Good luck.

Merry - posted on 07/20/2010




If it is teething pain, you can try to do dream feeds. This is where you pick him up while he is asleep and nurse him without waking him. The fact that he is asleep might allow him to nurse more as it is relaxing. Also if he is sleeping long stretches at night this might cause your supply to go down. pros and cons about sleeping through the night i guess! Most states have laws protecting moms needs to pump at work, look into your state laws and take advantage of the laws that are there to allow you to pump! Since he isnt even 6 months Id say dont even give him any solids at all. The recommendation is 6 month anyways and solids will only hurt your supply. Best of luck to you 2!

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thats another thing i dont even get a lunch practically maybe ill try nursing and pumping once i get home and at night and in the morning before work....and yes he is indeed teething drooling like a faucet! only thing is im not getting anything worth saving when i pump not even an ounce!? should i do it just to stimulate ?

Erika - posted on 07/20/2010




I feel like my supply is gone and i try to pump when im home but am unable to while at work I am a hha and have only enough time to get from client to client during the day and usually go in for 9 and dont get hom from 4-5 at night possibly later..its just so discouraging because i was doing well at my other job with pumping and i had a greater supply and able to freeze what i pumped..

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How many times a day do you offer solids and when do you offer them? If you feel he's eating more solids than breastfeeding then you can try cutting back some (solids). You still want breast milk to be his primary nutrition until a year old. Solids should only supplement nursing until then. He could be getting distracted. That's about the age that my daughter started that. Try nursing in a dark, quiet room. When pumping relax as much as possible. You could try putting warm compresses on your breast before you pump and gently massage your breasts while you pump. If you're baby is not with you then bring a picture of him to look at while pumping. A lot of moms find this helps them. Here's some great info on pumping:


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Is it possible that your son is teething? The pain could be discouraging him from eating. The spoon would definitely feel better in that case....

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Sheesh. I don't know. I know that last week I thought my daughter was going on the nursing strike and I was crying my eyes out. I gave it some time and pumped to keep my milk up and to not get engorged. Long story short she finally starting nursing again. My hubby kept telling me to stay calm and try to not let Lilly see that I am upset. She finally started nursing again. You think he might be on a nursing strike?

Kim - posted on 07/18/2010




I'm not at that point yet, my daughter is only 2 months... Don't feel guilty! We mom's have the tendency to feel guilty about EVERYTHING we do! Be proud! You are doing the BEST you can for your son. Maybe if you are able to relax and stop being so hard on yourself you will have better success. :) I'm sure that Mom;s who are in the same situation as you will have much better advice than I do..

You have nothing to feel guilty over- you are being a fantastic Mommy- stand tall and be proud- you have been BF for 5 months! Most Moms can't say that

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