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my daughter is now 7 months old and is very distracted while she is nursing. this is very frustrating for me because i feel like she's playing and i don't know how to get her to eat and not mess around. i'd love advice if anyone has any.


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Emily - posted on 12/06/2008




My two nurslings have gone through this. Since I'm currently tandem nursing, I would be nursing non-stop if I allowed them to play during feedings... so if they're not really nursing, I put them down and let them play. None of my kids have been really interested in solids until at least 8 months and they pretty much rely on me for most food for the first year... so if they are hungry, they learn to hold still... if they're not hungry, I don't force them to eat just because it's time.

If you can tell she's extremely hungry and upset, but still can't calm down enough to nurse, try a nursing routine... the same chair, quiet room/corner, nursing necklace etc.

Keelynn - posted on 12/06/2008




I agree with the other moms, (i dont have a nursing necklace though.) Try dim lights, Quiet room, And when she hungry enough she will eat.

Carrie - posted on 12/06/2008




quiet room, low lights, sidelying nursing, and patience. Also, if she's really that distracted, you can just end the session and try again 30min or so later. Perhaps at that point she'll be more hungry and ready to get down to business.

[deleted account]

Oh yes, my son went through this and as he's still BFing at almost 2 years he is really bad about this now. What I did when it started and still try to do at times now is go to our special spot to BF, with low lights, sometimes soft music and just be really calm. I also got a nursing necklace (non-toxic beads) and that helped keep his focus on my chest area. You can find them on-line. Now though, they're pretty much another toy, LOL! But, around 7mo until a year or so they really helped.

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