do any of you also use cloth diapers and/or make your own baby food?

Ericka - posted on 04/27/2011 ( 6 moms have responded )




I am considering using cloth diapers for baby 2 and am curios which brands work well? i know that fuzzy bunz have good reviews overall but are really expensive. I dont want to spend more on cloth diapers than disposable diapers unless i have to. there are just so many different brands and styles it is overwhelming. any suggestions are appreciated :)

also do any of you make your own baby food? i have a small food processor already and i didnt really use baby food with my first after all the foods were introduced because she was more interested in what I was eating so i just started cooking a portion of dinner longer and mashing it up real good for her. now they have all these freezing systems and storage systems to make your own baby food is it really cheaper? i know it is better for baby cause you will know what is really added to the food. i am worried about how much time it will take up since i have a 3 yr old.


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i cd amd made our own baby food. i did splurge and get expensive cd's with our son but now pg with #2 and knowing we are going to have to diaper 2 babies we are looking at the econobum diaper system. they say all you need is 2 boxes and it will cost you under $100 for everything you need til potty training. :) check it out! they have excellent reviews too and thats always a plus. as for baby food. dont go out and be fooled into buying a baby food makes as i did. it is just as simple as a magic bullet or small food processor. its more of a hassle to use it rather than stove top steaming then pureeing. i did this for about a month until my son wanted nothing to do with mush and we went ahead with baby led weaning. it worked best for us. the storing and feezing process always made me mad and again was more hassle but very inexpensive because we used everything we had on hand and lots of frozen veggies which are much cheaper than fresh and last as long as you need. there are so many ways of doing things. you just have to find someting you are comfortable with and works with your lifestyle.

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We did EC with our second and used prefolds with wool covers when we were out in case of accidents.

I never used jar food OR made baby food. My second was ready for table food at ten months and she went straight to picking things up and feeding herself (nursing mostly still, of course). So we skipped the whole goo food stage :). It was such a breeze.

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Making your own baby food is quite easy and A LOT cheaper than the bought stuff, not to mention healthier!!

It doesnt have to be brain surgery to make it with all the new fandangled stuff out there. All you need to use is fresh vegetables or fruit (I recommend starting vegies so that baby doesnt get a sweet tooth) and either a food processor or what I used (and has lasted me through 4 babies over 9 years!) a stick mixer (bar mix? has different names).

All you need to do is either steam or microwave the vegies, then pop them in a bowl with a little of the water they were cooked in and blend til smooth. I recommend making a big batch to last a week. And as Christina said, put them in to ice cube trays, then pop the ice cube trays in to freezer bags. Once frozen you can pop them out in to the freezer bag and you have instant baby size portions.

You can then do different batches of vegies and mix and match the babies meals. Good ones to start with are pureed sweet potato, pumpkin, cauliflower, apple, pear.

Home made food is not only better for them but it also gives them a wider palate for tastes. Seriously, have you ever actually tried the baby food in jars? YUK!!!

The only think you really need to invest in is some small resealable bowls to put the food in if you go out. Just pick a day when you have some spare time, once a week and stock the freezer up. I used to do mine in the arvo when they were all down for naps or at night time. Good luck :)

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I cloth diapered my twins. I mainly used pockets-Fuzzi Bunz, Bum Genius. I also used chinese prefolds, a snappi, and covers.

Yes, there is a higher start up cost but if you look at the long term, it ends up being cheaper. Also check out the different cloth diapering stores, many of them offer deals.

As far as time, it really wasn't that much more time consuming. Along with my twins, I also had a 4 year old.

Can't help with the baby food. The boys didn't care much for purees so I just let them eat what we were eating

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If you have a Diaper service in your area, they may have a 'sample' option that you can try a bunch of different diapers so you can decide which ones you like most - then buy those!

Christina - posted on 04/27/2011




I use cloth diapers, and I make my own baby food.
If you don't want to spend a fortune on cloth diapers, there is the option of buying used if you are open to that.

I have a bunch of different cloth diapers for different purposes. (I do Elimination communication with my 6mnth old son) For night I use all in one diapers (Swaddlebees) They fit snugly around legs and are very adjustable for legs and belly. I can't tell you how they work to contain poop because he has never pooped in them. During the day I use 'Sears' cloth diapers without a cover. and when we go out I use 'Flip' diapers.

Baby food, for my daughter I would cook extra of what we were having anyways, and mash/food processor it up fine then put it in ice cube trays and freeze it for perfect size portions. With my son I am now trying 'Baby led solids' it is more chunks of food that baby can hold and put in their own mouth.
Good luck

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