do you burp your baby after night feedings?

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my girl is still waking about twice during the night to nurse and either falls asleep in my arms or next to me in bed. she looks so peaceful and is sleeping so deeply that i rarely try to burp her afterwards. it didn't use to matter but now she is sometimes waking before its time to eat and squirming with gas. so now after she nurses i put her up on my shoulder and pat her, but she is totally asleep and i've yet to get a burp out of her. should i not put her down until she burps? any advice?


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I had this issue for a while.  Definitely burp her.  It will come out eventually.  Sometimes its as simply as just switching from one shoulder to the other.  Sometimes the motion just does it.  If this doesnt work, try the outward cradle position.  Face your daughter away from your stomach.  Rest her head on one arm (near your elbow) and have both hand overlap on her tummy.  Hold her tight and sway from side to side.  Something about the pressure and the motion gets this to work 98 percent of the time.

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I usually don't burp either I may just rub her back gently for a few minutes. I read somewhere that generally they don't need burping after night feeds.

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I don't burp at night, but after night feedings I'll often prop my kids up on my arm while we're co-sleeping so they're more elevated. This has helped allow the bubbles to come up on their own without me needing to sit up. :)

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I don't burp either.  He is so peaceful, why wake him?  :) I too, use the elevation to prop him up either on my arm or on a not so fluffy pillow. 

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I don't burp my daughter (and also didn't with my son) after night feedings. Like you said I couldn't get anything out anyways. If you have a good latch she shouldn't be getting that much air. If you feel like it would benefit her and help out with her waking because she is uncomfortable by all means give it a try. When mine go through growth spurts they wake up more often than usual to nurse. Good luck

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when my little man was 3month i stop burping him.well its new mom.

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I've never had an issue with my son waking up.  I usually do manage to get a burp out of him while he is asleep, it just takes a while.


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no, she doesn't usually get gassy during the day and i'm not 100% sure if gas is the problem. she just wakes up about an hour or so after the first night feeding and is fussy and squirmy, so i assumed it was gas pains. she'll nurse again but will squirm and pull off and fuss. it usually takes about 30 min to get her back to sleep.

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i didn't have to burp either one of my kids after nursing....i'd let her sleep. does she get gas during the day? it coulde be what your eating and have nothing to do with burping.

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I don't burp my son after night feeds...most of the time he doesn't wake up later needing to burp.

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