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So I have a 9 month old baby, her name is Jane. Until she was ready to take on the challenge of baby food she was soley breastfed for the first like 4 or 5 months. Then we introduced rice cereal, watered down at first, mixed with my breastmilk, then thickened. When her doctor told us to start her on baby food we did. Now you'd think a doctor would be more supportive of a mother who is soley brestfeeding her child, but for some reason, my doctor isnt. Well Jane's doctor isnt. When we first met her, she asked if I would consider supplementing, because Jane wasnt "up to standards" in her weight charts. Of course, wanting to soley breastfeed, I turned down the option. Jane isnt a big big girl, but shes gaining weight, and doing well and developmentally on track, but her doctor keeps insisiting shes not getting enough food! Honestly its beginning to irritiate me. I had a nurse come to the house who I knew breastfed her child, and she looked and Jane and said she was developing just fine. Really those charts they go by are more for formula fed infants than they are for breastfed infants.. But I'm getting irritated. Any advice? I dont want to switch doctors, but I think I might have to...Thanks.


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I don't think I'd stick with that doctor. I don't find it encouraging that he doesn't know which chart to look at... I think breastmilk actually has more calories than solids and the iron in breastmilk is much better absorbed too, so these are not things I would worry about at all. My daughter is huge and very healthy, but didn't touch solids until around 10 months. Imagine what that doctor would have said about that...

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Switch doctors. Seriously. We have a WONDERFUL pediatrician - I feel so lucky to have found him! A good, supportive pedi makes all the difference.

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Is your child under weight for her age and height then? Why is your doctor trying to get her to take supplements. Children that are breastfed do seem to lack iron and this can cause anemia which will inhibit your daughter growing to her full potential. At the end of the day your daughter is starting to eat a solid diet now and will get more nutrients from food than breast milk. Her iron intake will pick up with baby food so you should see a growth spurt soon. If you are not concerned with her weight or any development then just ignore the doctor. She is your daughter and you know what is best for her.

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Ask what charts the Dr. is using. The WHO (world health organization) charts are based on breastfed babies and are now the ones that are recommended for use by the American Pediatrics Association or American Association of Pediatrics. If that doctor isn't using the WHO charts, ask that they do so. Clara's doctor isn't concerned about how little she is; the point is she's growing. You can either find a new doctor or ignore this one on this issue. It's really up to and how much you're willing to take. GL

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