Does irovit drops are good for breast feeding babies can I gave irovit drops+ vitamin D drop to my 3 months breast feeding baby girl plz help


Lori - posted on 03/07/2013




Most breastfed babies get enough iron just from breastfeeding. There isn't high amounts of iron in breastmilk, but the iron that is there is in a HIGHLY absorbable form. And if you want to make sure your LO is getting enough, or if she needs more, then you can take a supplement, and your body will turn it into the right form for her while she's nursing.

Has your Dr. told you that your baby needs extra iron for some reason?

From everything I've read, the only vitamin that I can see giving to an exclusively breastfed baby is Vitamin D. And if you do give Vit D, I'd recommend the drops that don't have anything extra added to them. Its one drop that you can put right on your breast just before you nurse the baby, and baby gets a full daily value. ALL other vitamins are provided through your breast milk.

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