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I have a 2 month old who when he was born he latched fine but when i got home and got engorged he comlpletly stopped. So I still wanted to breast feed so I pumped the milk and gave it to him in a bottle. After I pump I still try to offer him the breast sometimes he will latch and som time he will latch as long as 15 mins on one breast to me that's great But Does it matter? I have a hospital grade pump I just started back working part- time and I pump every three hrs I dont see my milk supply decreasing as of yet. As a matter of fact I think it's increasing If anything. I had to give my soon to be mother in law majority of my breastmilk to store in her deep freezer so I could have room in my freezer. What are your thoughts?


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Are you asking if it matters if you pump and bottle feed versus breastfeeding directly?

If that's your question... here's my thoughts on it.

Many women stop responding as well to a pump after a few months. I'm very glad to hear you are not having any issues with supply so far, and you may be a lucky momma who never has supply issues while pumping.

There are benefits from nursing directly rather than bottle feeding the breastmilk. One of the coolest benefits in my mind is that if your baby picks up some sort of bug... a cold or flu or whatever - when baby latches on to nurse, your breasts are then exposed to that bug, and they begin to produce antibodies which then transfer to your milk and you help your baby fight off the cold. This doesn't happen if baby is exclusively bottle fed.

Also, many of the studies on breastfeeding protecting against obesity are showing mixed results if you include babies who are bottle fed breastmilk. From what I gather from these studies, the breast milk itself does provide some protection against obesity, but the method of feeding can provide more protection. Feeding baby from a bottle (formula or breastmilk) can lead to overfeeding. Feeding baby directly from the breast never leads to overfeeding.

My suggestion to you would be to continue trying to get your baby to latch. And breastfeed when you're with him. When you're at work, he can have bottles of pumped milk. Once you two get his latch worked out, you'll find that breastfeeding is much easier than pumping, bottle feeding, and then cleaning up bottles.

Have you met with a Lactation Consultant to help you with his latch? If not, I would suggest you try to find one in your area. A good LC is worth her weight in gold to a breastfeeding momma.

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