Dog nipps 4 people need help.

Carmen - posted on 01/30/2011 ( 12 moms have responded )




My childs father/fiance has ajack russel that has nipped 3 children and then myself while i was tickling my son. I told him he needs to find her anew mom. everyone thinks im over reacting. would you rehome the animal?


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Aicha - posted on 02/05/2011




I would get rid of the dog A.S.A.P. call animal control and report it this is really dangerous

Amanda - posted on 02/05/2011




The dog needs to go to a new home, it's already proved it can't be trusted around children. When your son becomes mobile how are you going to keep them apart(babies can be very fast) and can you trust that your fiance will keep them apart when he's watching the baby? I'm not saying don't trust him, I'm just wondering if he is really understanding the situation. As horrible as it sounds, if he absolutely will not listen to reason(dog finds a new home away from children), you live there too and it's your right to protect your child, you can take the dog to a shelter yourself. It will probably start a fight but better to get rid of the dog and fight about it after than have the dog bite the baby(which will cause a huge fight and alot of resentment).

Jodie - posted on 02/02/2011




yes find it a new home with no kids otherwise it will do serious damage and then have to be put down and you will never forgive yourself. its in everyones best intrest to re home even the dogs :^)

Leandra - posted on 02/02/2011




I am sorry to say it, but yes it is time to find good ol' jack a new home.

Elfrieda - posted on 02/01/2011




I love animals, so I suggest taking a dog-training course as a first resort, and if that doesn't work, find an older couple or someone without kids who would like a nicely trained dog. Don't sell it, give it to someone that you know will take care of it.

That's what I would do. Certainly you cannot keep a dog that is putting your children in danger, but also respect that your boyfriend is really attached to the dog and doesn't need to hear, "I hate that dog". Maybe frame it more that "the dog and the baby can't be in the same room, and it's not fair that the dog is always isolated from the family. We should find the dog a different home."

Nadia - posted on 02/01/2011




when i was 6 my aunts dog (cocker spaniel) bit me in the face. i still have a small scar on my cheek. i wasn't even doing anything abnormal... i was playing with her just how i always had and how my cousins always did. she was an older dog, so age might have had a factor, but i don't know. i was little. they didn't have the dog put down right away, but a few yearss later they did. get rid of the dog. it's not worth it. babies/toddlers don't always understand how to act with animals (gently) and it only takes one second for that dog to mangle and arm or face. not worth the risk. i know it sucks... a dog can really be part of the family, but who is more important? the dog or your baby? dogs are supposed to be man's best freind... they are there to love us, comfort us, and if need be protect us. this dog might have been trying to protect your baby when it bit you, but how do you know? like i said, not worth the risk. knowing that the dog has bitten before, how would you feel if it attacked the baby?
another story i have... my inlaws had a beautiful husky, but she unfortunately thought she was more important that her owners. you didn't dare try and push her away from the table if she wanted food, cuz she'd nip you. well, she bit my mother-in-law so badly onthe hand one day, they had her put down. their reasoning? they had 2 small grandchildren and it was one thing to bite and adult, but they never would have forgiven themselves it the dog had bitten one of their grandkids. they now have a new dog (a collie) who is fantastic!!!! my 2-yr-old neice can sit there and pull the dogtreats out of the dogs mouth and the dog just looks at her... then gets up to find another treat. lol. anyway, i hope that you guys are able to see eye-to-eye and get this resolved before something bad happens.... if they are intent on having a dog, there are plenty of breeds out there that are very good with kids!

Heather - posted on 01/31/2011




To have nipped 4 people it was clearly NOT an accident, I would not take any chances ESPECIALLY with a baby in the house who could not begin to defend them self or get away in the event of an attack. Ask you husband with having had this already happen could he forgive himself if he dog bit the that light I'm quite certain he'll be more understanding of where you are coming from. I consider our dog that we've had for 8 years a part of our family - he even sleeps on the bed with hubby & I. But the first time he bit one of us he'd be in the backyard till I could find an appropriate home for him, no questions asked!

Carmen - posted on 01/31/2011




She is 3 years old and always been skiddish especially around small children. which have have over every weekend not to mention my 7 month old son who is here everyday=) my biggest issue is that his father is siding with him that she shouldnt be rehomed because the children were at fault and that she nipped me above the eye because she was protecting my son.they are so stuck in there own ways.i appreciate the comments and advice and plan on using this in my upcoming discussion about her. id like to ad that i am always a dog lover i had 15 dogs growing on 11 acres i love all animals just not willing to take the chance of my child or anyones child be hurt.

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Is it a puppy that is just teething and learning.... or an older dog acting out? W/ a puppy... I MIGHT give it some training time, but w/ any older.... That dog would be out of there.

Kim - posted on 01/30/2011




We had three dogs. I was always an avid dog lover and still am. After we had the baby we had one that never quite got use to the baby. She would nip, jump on him to get to me. I'm sorry but I would never take the chance of a dog bitting and possibly disfiguring my baby. If he is nopping its time to find a new home with no children. I would try the Jack Russell rescue in your area. They found our dog a wonderful home. She has a better life than I do now. Lucky girl! I do miss her but its not worth the risk. Now that my child is mobile and chasing the other dogs and cats, pulling their tales and basically tormenting them, I know I made the right decision. Even with a great dog there is a risk once they become mobile..My bf was recently sued bc her dog bit a child in the face. The child accidentally fell into the dogs bed, the dog had never bitten bf, but it scared her and she bit the child. Big mess. The people who tell you it is not a big deal obviously don't have small children.

Kelsea - posted on 01/30/2011




yes, you cannot take any chances with an animal that has a history of nipping and biting, when it comes to your child. unless your fiance is willing and honestly going to take the dog to a trainging school for the dog then good bye dog !

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