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I recently was prescribed domperidone. I have read about the possible side effects - and have read the posts in the archives recommending it. For those of you who have taken it, what side effects, if any, have you experienced? Thanks in advance!

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Yes, I didn't make clear in my post that if it's Domperidone or stop, go for the drug! But make sure you get a prescription! You simply cannot mess around with drugs, and sel-prescription is never a good thing.

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Anyone who needs domperidone? I have 100+ tablets of 30 mg each. I will give it for free. e-mail me directly at

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I haven't personally used it either, but I do know of women who have and it has worked for them with minimal to no side effects. I know that Dr. Jack Newman supports it's use when needed. I, like Kathy, would rather someone try all the "natural" ways to increase milk supply first, but if it's a matter of Domperidone or stopping breastfeeding, then I'd rather a mom use Domperidone.

Geralyn, I personally know enough about you to say that if this is to increase milk supply, that this must be really needed. Did you have supply problems with your son?

Anyway, let us know how things go and I hope you are able to get some feedback from someone who has actually used Domperidone.

You can do it! Hang in there!

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Geralyn, why were you prescribed domperidone? I'm assuming it was to increase your milk supply.

I've never used it myself, nor do I know anyone who has. In Australia, very few studie have been carried out. It seems that an increase in milk supply is in fact a side effect of domperidone, which is generally prescribed for gastric conditions. It seems to help some women, but not others. It is only available on prescription here, and I assume it's the same in the US.

What other methods have you tried to increase your breastmilk supply? Feeding more regularly is probably the best way, as it uses the supply/demand nature of breastmilk production.

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