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Drop in Supply? Or Maybe Pumping Problems?

Jackie - posted on 07/24/2009 ( 16 moms have responded )




Hi, so Kaylee is 7 mos and has been exclusively breastfed the entire time - except of course for solids also the last couple months. I have noticed my milk supply has decreased adn I am concerned I won't make the one year mark. If it stays as is I'll be fine...but if it keeps going down my backup will run out.

Did this happen to anyone else? Any tips on incraseing the supply? I'm trying to increase my water intake...but what else. I also don't know if I could just be having a hard time pumping (vs. lack of supply) because there never seems to be a problem nursing.

Any help is appreciated....I REALLY REALLY don't want to give her formula. I was hoping to go breastmilk to real milk when she was able to drink it.


Sara - posted on 07/28/2009




I also got a low milk supply. I used Fenugreek ( an herbal supplement) and it helped some. I ended up having to stop taking my birth control. As soon as I did my supply shot back up! I was pumping after feedings to boost and he was still starving. I was supplementing with formula some but when I stopped my BC I was producing plenty after a week!

As also agree that you should nurse first and then do the solids or at least pump after you give your baby solids if he is not hungry. Good luck. Hope that things get better.

Elisa - posted on 07/26/2009




I have been breastfeeding my baby for 13 months now and as he became older he has become quicker at emptying the breast. So don't confuse your baby getting quicker as milk supply diminishing. I must admit I always offer him the breast first although I've been told I should not ( he winges if I dont ) I called the breastfeeding line about what I could do to increase my milk supply and they told me nothing you eat but resting helps. when I have to pump I wait at least one hour after a breast feed then I place a warm face washer over my breast first for about 30/40 seconds then I sit down relax look at a picture of my baby.this really works well especially the warm face washer. I have and advent electric pump it so good.

[deleted account]

Ok, I'm old at this, but know its sooo worth it. 1st WHat make you think your supply has decreased? THere are may signs that moms notice that make them assume they are slowing down.
1st suggestion is to nurse first then feed solids.
2nd PUmping is not a good indicator. Your baby nursed SOO much more effectively than a pump ever can. Are you pumping for a purpose, or to increase production?

Randi - posted on 07/25/2009




I can totally empathize!!!! My son is 6 months old...I am having the same problem. I pump at work, but my supply is really slowing down. I am unsure of what to do or what to tell you. I used to have a weeks supply on hand, well the sitter called the other day and said she was about out. So I have only a few days on hand now. If it continues like this I'll have to start supplementing formula within a few days! I really don't want to do that!!!

Sarah - posted on 07/24/2009




When I have trouble pumping, I look at pictures of my baby, think about him and or hold him. I read it helps the milk flow, best of luck. Try also to stay relaxed, I found soon as I got mad or upset its harder for me to pump.


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Rose - posted on 05/25/2016




I used to drink healthy nursing tea that helped me producing 5 to 6 oz per session. Before it, I was producing one to two oz.

Jackie - posted on 07/28/2009




Thanks everyone....just an update since i saw some of you having same problem. One, I question if maybe my pump may need to be fixed due to lack of suction. I used a new one for a few days and noticed a difference. But I also started taking fenugreek twice a day so that could be it too. Between the two i am def. seeing an increase though.

I pump whiel I am at work b/c I have to so my daughter can have bottles, so I can't nurse then pump, or nurse then solids etc. I have to just pump every four hours, and yes the supply had gone down when she started solids,....whicih was fine. I was keeping up with the new decreased amount of oz. she required then....but it was when it dropped again after that that i got concerned....because at that rate i wouldnt' have been ableto keep bottles filled. If the fenugreek keeps working though I should be able to maintain the pace.

I def. eat tons, believe me I don't cut back on that. I really think it might have had something to do wtih the old pump....and the fenugreek. Nothing else had changed, not my pumping, eating, or drinking habits. And now that I see it going back up I am less stressed, which also helps.

So thanks agian for the advice. Fenugreek and mothers milk are also two things I was todl by a lactation good luck and give them a try ot those of you with the same problems.

Anneke - posted on 07/26/2009




I cant get nothing up with a breast pump! dosnt matter what setting the high one is painful and the low one is nothing either. My son can get the milk out as he is near drowning in it. i dont know if my supply is down but all I can say for me is i cant pump.My son is still getting the milk and is a good healthy weight and is on solids to.

Sheena - posted on 07/26/2009




There are many things you can do to keep your supply up.

1- pump more even if your daughter just got done nursing try to pump so it will stimulate and hopefully help bring in more milk.

2- try supplements like fenugreek(sp) "more mothers milk" or maybe it is called "mothers milk" for extreme cases your doctor can give you a rx for reglan which is an anti nausea med. that is safe to use.

3-drink a lot of fluids (saw you were doing that)

4- nurse your daughter first then let her have solids 2nd.

try not to stress out too much I think it is pretty common to have your supple slow down some once your baby starts solids. your body will adjust and probably produce enough milk for your little angel! good luck hun!

Donna - posted on 07/25/2009




First do not take in altoids or a peppermint oil source that will make you dry up stay away from sage it will decrease and dry up your milk supply

To help increase supply get fenugreek capsules take 3 times a day.

Mothers milk tea 4 times a day

Get rest pump water each time you nurse and between nursing times

sprouting Jazmyne rice by soaking it overnight before cooking helps with milk supply

When you pump pump 10-20 minutes after nursing to increase supply (supply and demand)

making sure eating proper healthy meals and snacks you need protien and healthy fats as well rember you need rember you need more calories to breastfeed than to be pregnant

It can take up to 2 weeks for your body to rgonize the pump as a bay suckle as well If you are large breasted alot of the store pumps are not made for bigger busted women and will not demand a supply when you pump Medela is a safer bet but you need to contact them to make sure your getting the right one for your breast size if it will draw out for you.

I have worked with lactation speacialist and hospital staff and nurses what I am telling you is all fact also kelleymoms on line good source

Natalie - posted on 07/25/2009




I think I had the same problem you were having but I think it was due to my pump being too low on pressure and speed for a couple of months while at work. I conditioned myself to pump a certain quantity and thought that was all I could get. After doing this for a while my body thought that was all I wanted. When summer came and I was back to breastfeeding exclusively (I'm a teacher) my supply was lower than my baby wanted. I just fed her ALL the time to increase supply and demand and then fixed the problems with my pump. All of the sudden I was pumping double the supply. I got more let downs in a shorter ammount of time by turning the speed and pressure up.

Also, don't forget, when they start solids the eat a little less in oz. Your body may now be producing what your LO is requiring.

Try all the other suggestions too.

Good luck.

Naomi - posted on 07/25/2009




this is a good resource,

and some simple reminders: drink a lot of water (saw you're doing)
eat well and regularly, incorporating milk-boosting foods such as oatmeal, mother's milk tea, brewer's yeast, etc... (oh, and lactation cookies)

GL :)
I had a dip in supply when I was really stressed out, helps to relax

GAYE - posted on 07/25/2009




Green tea and barley. My latation specialit told me this and it worked, especially the green tea. I just go to BJ's and buy the tin of lipton green tea iced tea and mix and drink constantly and it works. Also make sure you are drinking enough fluids.

Jillian - posted on 07/25/2009




i have a lot of trouble pumping now that my daughter has been exclusively breastfeeding for 2 1/2 months now (for the first three weeks i pumped and bottle fed) but now since we have been exclusively breastfeeding i just cannot get let down from the pump alone and i only end up getting about an ounce or two on each side

Jelissa - posted on 07/24/2009




i found the easiest way for me to pump is when my son is nursing on the other side or else i dont get very much out. you could try that as well.

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