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Jennifer - posted on 06/12/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hey everyone! I have a DD that is 9.5 months old. Up until I started my second job she has been EBF while building up on some solids. When I got my second job, I started supplementing with formula because I just don't get a lot when I pump. I would maybe get four ounces total if I was lucky. Well, I work evening shifts (eight hours) and don't get the chance to pump, and now I feel like my milk is completely gone. I haven't nursed my daughter since 7am and it's 11pm and my breasts are mostly squishy. And when she nurses at night, she sucks and sucks and then gets mad within a few minutes. I know she gets something, but obviously not a lot. I feel bad because I wanted to make it to a year at least and don't think that's going to happen anymore. But I should get to the whole point of this post.. Does this mean I'm completely drying up? She doesn't seem so mad about it all, but it's kind of depressing to me. She doesn't need mommy anymore. I just don't know if I should stop all together then or continue trying to nurse her when I'm home. I feel like I'm messing with my body so much and giving it screwy signals. I maybe get to nurse her once a week during the day, otherwise it's night feedings. And those are dwindling down. :( Sorry I'm making this a long post. Thanks in advance ladies.


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If you want to you can continue. Your body will adjust to the demand. My daughter is 2 and currently nurses once a day, but will sometimes skip a day or two here and there. My body has adjusted and when she nurses I still hear swallowing so I know I still have milk. You could keep feeding her when you're together, it won't hurt you or her to continue if you want to.

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