Easy to get pregnant after weaning?

Valerie - posted on 04/27/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




I was wondering if the likely hood of getting pregnant right after weaning is high just as it is after having a baby (if you got your period back right away). A friend is considering not breastfeeding to try and get pregnant right away because it took so long for them to finally conceive with the help of in-vitro. I want to get some info so I can encourage her that breastfeeding is the way to go. Thanks!


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I breastfed for 21 months, I loved it, my son is very healthy, I did what is best for him. With that said he is 2 years old, we have been trying 8 months and I am not ovulating. It varies person to person and I am not in any way trying to discourage nursing. I got pregnant the first try with my son, no help needed.

Jamie - posted on 05/02/2010




Unless you wean or supplement your infant before six months, chances are you'll get your period sometime around the six month mark (rather than earlier). You're just as fertile during that time as any other time. While you're bf-ing, and you don't have a period (postpartum amenorrhia), you're not ovulating. You can get pregnant before your first period, but it will be the first time you've ovulated. Every ovulation is followed by either pregnancy or a period.

Taking Charge of Your Fertility is a good book that can help your friend identify her own body's fertility signs, she may be able to predict her fertile time and menstruation time helping her to conceive easier.

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You can get pregnant while breastfeeding just like you can without breastfeeding. She should breastfeed because she wants to breastfeed. Give her info on that. She should make the decision based on all of the wonderful benefits to both the baby and herself, not to mention the amazing bonding experience that it is.

What is going to make conception easier for her is to be relaxed with low levels of stress. She will not have that with a newborn. Let her know that too. She should take some time to get to know this baby before charging into trying for the next. That first year to 18 months is just too precious to not be there for because of another reason (work doesn't count, we all need to have a roof and food to eat).

Her next attempts at getting pregnant may actually be much easier because they do have a child. The pressure is off, kind of. Not that I know her medical history or have a medical degree. But several of my friends really struggled to conceive the first and didn't have to do much more than look at each other for the others. A couple of them managed to concieve 8 months after giving birth the first time while breastfeeding pretty exclusively. There is a reason the doctors tell us to use birthcontrol even though we are breastfeeding.

Much luck to her on all of it.

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You are just as likely to fall pregnant while breastfeeding, as you are still ovulating, even if you dont get your period. I think you start ovulating again about 6 weeks or so after birth. So if she doesnt take any form of contraceptive, she can check when she is ovulating using the ovulation tests which is available from chemists. Or you can get them fairly cheap off ebay too. Breastfeeding is the best thing for baby and if they dont end up getting pregnant again I'm sure she would be disappointed she didnt bf their first baby as it is such a beautiful bonding experience, my son is 10mo and I am still bf and love it.

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Valerie - posted on 05/08/2010




Thanks for the all information. The baby is due in 3 weeks and I think she will make the right decision and breastfeed.

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