Eating habits of a 9 month old

Carrie - posted on 01/29/2010 ( 6 moms have responded )




So my daughter is almost 9 months old, and she refuses to let me feed her anymore. She still nurses at night, and before a nap, but when it comes to food, she will not let me feed her. I want to make sure she is getting all the nutrients she needs. She feeds herself finger foods no problem. But I don't always have something cooked that she can handle yet. Like tonight, we had pork chops, and peas. Well the peas she could feed herself, but she can't chew meat yet. So if I try to feed her baby food meats... she takes the spoon, or pushes away, and throws a fit until I put something down that she can feed herself. How can I make sure she is getting all she needs? I'd really like for her to keep eating her baby foods and cereals, cuz I get tons from WIC for free, which is very helpful right now.


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My daughter is the same way. Don't worry about your daughter getting nutrients from food. She is getting everything she needs from breastmilk. Food at this point is just an experience. Just keep trying.

After being so worried I talked to my doctor, and this is what he said:
Food for fun until their one!

Good Luck


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I agree with Rebecca. Baby-led weaning is an excellent way to let your little one take the reins and eat solids at her own pace. She'll likely be happier at mealtimes if allowed to feed herself.

Concerning the meats- how about an entire chicken drumstick for her to gnaw on? Rather than giving her teeny gag-inducing bits, just give the whole leg and let her suck on it- she'll get necessary nutrients that way. Pork chops- just give her a bone with bits of meat on it.

Baby-led weaning truly is a no-worry way of introducing baby to solids.

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I follow baby led weaning (feeding) it sounds like this might be a great option for you. You can give your baby meats, you cook it how you would eat it and then cut it into a palm sized piece and let her, gum, suck and nibble her way on it. They wont be able to chew any off (they may get little bits) but will be able to get all the nutrients from sucking on it. Here are some sites that will give you more info:

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Chances are, she IS getting all she needs. Even if she's only nursing a couple times a day, your breastmilk is giving her the balance she needs. Lots of babies will only eat if they can feed themselves. Just chop the food as small as you can, and let her have it. I wouldn't worry about it at this point.. sounds like she's doing fine.

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My boy is 9 months old too, I'm going through the same thing.
Don't you love the way the food slings behind your head when you manage to wrangle the spoon away from that little fist!
My only suggestion is close to Theresa's suggestion. I come to the highchair with two spoons. I feed him with the first one until he takes it from me. Then I switch to the other spoon. When he takes the second spoon from me, I scoop up the first one and go back to trying.
Sometimes I can plan ahead and keep something from last night to feed him if tonight's dinner isn't suitable for him.
Best of luck to you!

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Could she be having a tantrum because she wants to feed herself with the spoon? My son does this now - I can't feed him anything with a spoon, I have to sit him in his highchair, put plastic down and let him go at it himself. Try giving her a spoon and having one for yourself? She'll get in a mess but you might be able to get her to eat that way? It could be something as simple as she wants to feel like she is helping you :D

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