Ebfing a two-year old and how to address one of her habits

Joy - posted on 05/25/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




I'm uncertain of what to do here.

I've been ebfing my 2 year old daughter (almost 3) which helps her calm down and gives her a close bond with me since I try to attachment parent as much as possible. The problem is lately she's started masturbating when she starts to nurse. We're down to nursing right before bed or naptime which means she is masturbating in her own bedroom so I can't tell her "we only do that in the bathroom or our bedroom." I know that she's 2 and exploring herself which is natural for her to do and I don't want her to grow up feeling ashamed of her body. Since its right before she goes to sleep it is also a way for her to relax before going to sleep.

But I don't want her to associate my breasts with masturbation. I assume this is natural and I"m not the first mom who ebfs to experience it, but I'm a bit put off by the behavior too.


Sienna - posted on 05/26/2012




My 5 year old did that, he was three at the time and every single time he latched his hand would find its way to his penis.
It's just about interrupting the cycle, I would take your daughter somewhere that you wouldn't let her masturbate like a friends house, let her bf and when she starts to masturbate stop her!
I started moving my sons hand and playing with his hand to distract him. And within about three days he wasn't doing it anymore!! You could also put her hand on your other breast that seems to work too!


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glad it is not just me, my daughter does the same, although my son never did that. I sometimes masturbate while feeding, takes my mind off the pain...

Joy - posted on 05/26/2012




She only does masturbates for a few minutes then her hand finds its way to my other breast. ...and pulls, pinches and tugs on that one. I'm also pregnant so both my breasts are more sensitive than they used to be. I've had to remind her continually to 'be gentle' with the breasts more often. Its lead to some frustration on both our parts. Maybe that's a reason she's started to masturbate more. I'm not sure.

I'll try playing with her hand. That could help. Thanks for the tips!

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