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My baby is 5months 2weeks and recently becoming skinny what is d cause?


Lori - posted on 03/06/2014




Your baby is loosing weight?????

How often are you nursing? How long is baby nursing for? How many wet and how many poop diapers is baby having each day?

If you've just noticed it seems like your baby is slimmer at the moment than baby used to be, it may be caused by a growth spurt. I notice with both my girls that they seem to get a bit chunky just before a growth spurt, then they thin out as they grow. This type of change is normal and nothing to worry about.
Also - is your 5 month old crawling? Most 5 month olds aren't yet… however when a baby does become more active you may notice a slimming down then too.

However - if your baby is actually loosing weight or not having 6 wet diapers per day then you may need to address this issue.

First of all - feed on demand/on cue. If baby is hungry, feed baby. Even though at 5 months your baby probably isn't nursing as often as when baby was a newborn, you should still be feeding frequently during the day.

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