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Janice - posted on 01/25/2009 ( 7 moms have responded )




i'm just curious what schedule u guys feed and nap ur babies on. my baby is 5 1/2 months and eating solids (cereal and slowly introducing foods) along with nursing and i'm curious how other moms schedule the solids in. Also curious what napping schedules u do, my litte one is a tough napper, usually get 2 naps in 1 AM nap about 2-2 1/2 hours after she woke for about an hr and a PM nap usually happens around 2ish again about an hour. i dont have nap time yet i just watch for when i think she needs it. plus if we're running errands always falls asleep in the car so then that throws the times off.


Crystal - posted on 01/26/2009




At that age I didn't have my kids on a schedule, I just fed them and let them sleep when they were tired.

I start schedules between 9-12 months of age. Then I just feed solids with breakfast, lunch and dinner, and nurse before solids so that he gets the same amount of breastmilk. Bedtime is between 8-9 for all three of my kids.

Lisa - posted on 01/25/2009




Hi, I have a little girl 5 1/2 months also. Her schedule isn't strict so if she decides she's tired/hungry at different times then that throws off her 'schedule' but usually she goes something like this:

-Wake up between 6:30-7:30am, have breastfeed

-Morning nap is usually around 9-10am, she usually only naps for about 45 mins- 1 hour.

-Lunch is at around 11:30, which is first one breast, then some solids (around 2 ice cubes of veges, or maybe try something new every third day), followed by the other breast (she usually only takes about half of the second breast at this feed, and as I increase her solids at lunch will decrease until i can drop this breastfeed).

-Afternoon nap is usually around 2-3pm, and again usually only lasts for about an hour if that.

-Breastfeed when she wakes up, around 3:30 or 4

-Dinner is solids only at 5-5:30, she has quite a lot at this feed, usually 2 heaped spoons of dry rice cereal mixed with water and 1 ice cube of pear or apple- ends up making probably about 4-5 heaped tablespoons of food. As I don't breastfeed around this meal, I offer her cool boiled water from a cup, she LOVES the sippy cups!

-Final breastfeed is at 7pm, usually falls asleep at this feed for bedtime, around 7:45

She often sleeps through the night without waking, though occasionally she might wake at about 4am....not usually hungry but sometimes will nurse her just to get her back to sleep.

Sounds like a similar nap schedule to you. With introducing solids, only advice I would give is to start new things earlier in the day so that if there is a reaction you have the day to notice it, not while baby is sleeping at night.

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Laurie - posted on 01/27/2009




I did my daughter's schedule a little differently that what was recommended, but it's worked for us. The Gerber schedule that I get in the mail had a lot of feedings on there. My pediatrician said that usually by 9 or 10 months, you want them worked up to 3 solid food feedings a day. So with my daughter, now at 10 months, She nurses at 7, goes back to sleep for an hour, eats solids at around 8:15is. She usually naps (if I can get her to nap, b/c she doesn't like to) about 40 minutes before the next time she nurses. She nurses every 4 hours, and eats her solid roughly 1 1/2 after nursing. When she was just starting solids, it was easier for me to start with her "lunch" time. Her "breakfast" solids was actually the last one I worked in.
Just an extra side note. The mailings from Gerber (or other things you read) will tell you they're suppose to be eating so many ounces of food each solid feeding. Don't try to push it. Your child will eat if she's interested, and won't if she's not. If you try to force too much on her, you will both get very frustrated, and it's not worth it. This is one area where you do let your child lead you. My mother told me, they won't starve themselves. And it's true.

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My son is almost 11 months old, but we've been following the same schedule, what seems like forever! Here it is:

6:30/7am: Wake up, diaper change, breastfeed

7:30/8am: Breakfast (he likes vanilla yogurt)

10am: Nap (usually about an hour or so); somtimes breastfeeds

Noon: Lunch (he likes cottage cheese and veggies - not mixed - and I'm currently introducing meats)

2/3pm: Nap (usually 2-3 hours); sometimes breastfeeds, especially if not with the AM nap

6/6:30pm: Dinner (rice cereal, fruit and breastmilk)

8:30/9pm: Beditme (breastfeeds before going down)

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I have a 2 yr old and a 51/2 month old and basically had them on the same schedule.

7-8- wake up and breastfed, then dressed and ceral

9-10- put down for AM nap (whenever signs of tired)

11:30- Breastfed both sides

12ish- ceral (i like to do lunch and dinner with the family- its crazy for me but both my kids love sitting with us to eat and I think it helps make better eating habits)

1- Afternoon nap

3- Breastfeed both sides- it seems more like a snack

4-5- catnap for 30-45 min- I never let him sleep longer than that

5ish- Ceral with family at table

6- Bottle

7ish- Bed for night

11- I still do a pumped bottle nightfeed and will probably cut that out soon

I introduced solids at those meal times with less ceral. I am waiting till hes 6 months to do more foods. I try to run errands after the AM nap and b4 PM nap. If we do that- I skip the lunch feeding and give him a little formula in the bottle to compensate. it seems to work well. I try my hardest to keep him awake. :)

Elizabeth - posted on 01/25/2009




Wow, thank you! I was just thinking about asking this question! Lisa, I think that's exactly what I was looking for. My baby will be 5 months this week and we were thinking about starting solids soon, I keep putting it off, and I was wondering how the schedules worked. My baby is on a similar schedule already, I guess it's just time I break down and start trying some foods with her. How did yall begin solids and the sippy cup?

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