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so my mother is telling me that my son who is almost 13 months should be eating size 3 baby food and rice cereal! my son has been feeding my son people food since he was 8 months old. he has about 19 teeth, chews great, hates veggies, and is very picky. my doctor told me that he was not concerned with what my son was eating because he s gaining weight and doesn't seem to be thriving for a need. my mother is making this an issue and because we live with her she is constantly nagging me about it. i have read a few books and none of them really help me so i need to know what others are doing with their baby's too. he also does not get cows milk and i still breast feed quite often like 3 to 5 times a day and many times at night! my son also weighs 25lbs and 8ozs please help and tell me what he should be eating and when and how much. i have also bought a cook book that tells me he should be eating the same things you and i do. ahhh i just need help what are you doing or have done???


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We also did Baby Led Weaning (BLW) and I highly recommend at least reading the book, it does a lot to ease fears of feeding our LOs solids. My daughter never enjoyed purees or getting fed; little miss independent loved feeding herself from the start and now is a great eater! I also recommend the book Deceptively Delicious. My daughter decided at about 12 months that vegetables were better as projectiles than for eating so now I "hide" the veggies in food and we're all happy :)
At almost 15 months I still breastfeed as well. One of the great things about BLW is that my daughter has let me know each step along the way when she was ready to drop a feed and when she was ready for cows milk. She now only nurses 2x a day and drinks cows milk with meals. My pediatrician was the one trying to push me into giving cows milk before I was ready and was incredibly unsupportive with extended breastfeeding. Follow your instincts and follow your kiddos cues. To get the vitamin D in we started offering my daughter yo baby yogurt with sliced bananas for breakfast, it's now one of her favorite meals. The bananas definitely help getting the yogurt in, a messy meal, but a fun one for all :)

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We did baby-led weaning. We started with purees at 6 months but it wasn't going that great (that's another story) so we switched our method of introducing solids. Even a 6 month old doesn't need to eat purees. They're perfectly capable of self-feeding at that age and personally I think it's really strange when babies eat purees beyond 9 months since there is no reason for it. Here's a baby-led weaning website you should take a look and and maybe show your mom as well...


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My son is also 13 months and would rather die than eat any kind of jar food. When we can get him to (he prefers to bf), he will eat whatever we're having, especially if I'm the one eating it.

I also lived with my in-laws up until very recently. They started getting in the way, telling me I am a pervert for still nursing. Now that we have our own place, no one tells me how to raise my son, nor do they make me second guess myself. If it is possible, you may want to seek out other living arrangements.

I don't give my son cow's milk either. He gets what milk he needs from me, so why does he need cow's milk? We nurse all night long, like a newborn would.

Follow your gut instinct, sounds like he is doing great, almost 26 pounds. My son is only 22 pounds.

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