Feeling teeth when nursing.

Katie - posted on 10/07/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




My DD's 6 months old, and she's had her 2 bottom teeth since she was 3 1/2 months. Right now she's in the process of getting her top teeth. She does bite me every now and then, but not that often. Lately, I've been feeling her bottom 2 teeth when she nurses. I can tell that she's not biting because sometimes it's when she's actively nursing. Still it does hurt. It feels like needles every time she sucks. I know that usually their tongue covers there teeth, but I made the discovery today that when she's nursing, she moves her tongue and then it's not covering her teeth. When she latches on, she opens her mouth really wide and I can see her tongue covering her teeth, so it's only after she's already nursing that she moves it out from top of her teeth. She doesn't do it every feeding, but still, how can I get her to stop that? I can tell that she's not biting, but it feels like she's constantly biting from her teeth being exposed.


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Merry - posted on 10/08/2010




Call a la leche league leader and she can help you fix it. It needs to be fixed because a bad latch will be painful and worse over time. It CAN be fixed so please get the help to fix her latch, if you go to llli.org select your country, then your state/ province and city then call the leader closest to you. They are wonderful and very educated on breastfeeding so I'm sure she can help you. If there's not one near you you can go to the hospital and ask if they have a lactation consultant available. Most do, she would be able to help you too.
Now, my son has a tight latch, his top teeth are tightly on my nipple and I do feel them while he nurses, but the bottom teeth really should not be felt. So that can be adjusted. Don't live with the pain, don't wean, there is hope to get her nursing properly again!
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Brandi - posted on 10/08/2010




Her improper latch may also be contributing to your discomfort. You should make an attempt at repositioning her every time you feel those teeth, because if she's not latched correctly it can continue and become VERY painful, like it may have been in the very beginning. I'm working on my son's latch right now, at 9 months he's leaving top teeth marks in my nipple on one side. I know it's his latch because it's only one side, and only when he's distracted. Good luck!

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