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I'm sorry but most of my posts are about my darling FIL.
He hates me breastfeeding but is coming around to the idea now so it is not so much of a big deal.
The latest thing with him is calling me a bad mum because i co sleep with my daughter if she is unsettled or poorly. He basically said that i was going to kill her (neither me or my hubby drink). He also went mad at me coz she is chewing hands at the min and his r yellow from all of the cigs he smokes and i asked him politly not to let her chew on his, esp as he does not wash his hands after smoking. I also told him from the word go that if he wants to hold jessica he would need to wait half an hr after a cig. and wash his hands. He also said i am starving her by doing baby led weaning and tried to make me give her jars.
I am so fed up of him...he told me that i should leave her to cry at 2 days...i shouldnt breastfeed in public and even caused trouble between me and my hubby about that 1. and has done nothing but cause us trouble about every choice I have ever made. I just need some advice on how to basically tell him to mind his own but in a polite way b4 i attack him with my breast pump.


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Oh dear, very much old-school and not shy about it either. I don't envy you, he sounds like a difficult person to be around. The smoking-thing is definitely a health issue, so i wouldn't worry about being polite about that one (licking nicotine - I mean come on, doesn't the man have any common sense?!). But with all the other crap he comes out with, I guess you are just stuck with. When people are that rude and ignorant, they generally don't respond well to reason. And not ever seeing him again or screaming at him is probably not an option either,seeing that he is family and you don't want to fight with hubby either. I think I'd ignore everything that just annoys you but put my foot down with everything that has an impact on your daughter, like the smoking-thing. Good luck!

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