Finding a nursing bra in the right size?

Elizabeth - posted on 04/13/2010 ( 9 moms have responded )




I am 37 weeks pregnant with my first child, a little girl. I have had a high risk pregnancy due to low amniotic fluid and pretty much no matter the fluid is at the sonogram tomorrow, my obgyn is wanting to induce me either the next day or the one after. I hadn't packed my hospital bag yet since I thought I had a little bit more time so the last two days my hubby and I have been shopping each day to get the last of the things we need. This included nursing bras. I was kinda small/medium sized before pregnancy(a 32C when weight was down a bit and 34C when it was up a bit) and I am now in a 36D(gasp!). I wasn't able to try them on before buying so I tried to look at them and judge what size to get. I en ded up with the same size I'm in now(which in a regular bra has a little extra room) and I just now tried them on. They fit nicely in the cups and around there are 4 different sets of hooks to work with. Should I have gotten a bigger size or will they be fine? Like I said, this is my first baby and I really don't know what it will be like once the milk is in after her birth.


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I was the same size as you before and where you are now...I've been breastfeeding for 3 1/2 years now and I wouldn't buy anymore until your milk supply is regulated. I am now a 34E/F. It really depends on the bra. The biggest problem I have had is finding a nursing bra that accomodates my small frame. I really need a 32, but have to go with a 34 mostly because I can't find 32 E/F or G that will work for me. The best place to look for that is online if you end up back down like I did with larger breasts and not bigger around. I really like the bravado tanks because they keep my belly covered...esp right after having the baby. I got a size 34 F/G and feel like I really should have gotten a 36 F/G because it is fairly tight on my belly, but the breast part fits great (I had a 36 C/D and I just spill out). They have full drop down cups that I found easier to get the baby latched on because I had problems with the latch because of the larger size and I had to keep the breast off her nose until she could grab and hold herself. If you aren't having any pain you could always go braless around the house until you find a bra you find comfortable! Good luck

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I bought 4 nursing bras before my baby was born and I HATE two of them. I liked them when I tried them, but once my milk came in and I tried actually nursing in them they were horrible. I ended up getting a new bra and two nursing tanks. I would definitely suggest waiting until after you have the baby and your milk is in to get anymore. I would also suggest going to a store that specializes in nursing wear so that someone really knowledgeable can help you find the right size and the right style for you.

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It is a tricky thing to navigate. When expecting my first, I waited until right before the baby was due and bought a nursing bra in the size I was wearing at that point in my pregnancy, then after a couple weeks figured out that I'd need one size up (#wise, not cup wise). I've always been rather small-chested, but buying the size that fit at the time got me through those couple weeks, and it is still usable when my other ones are in the wash.

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I just gave birth on April 9, and my milk came in on the following Monday. Until then I hadn't changed size, but when the milk came in I only went up 1 cup size. I have used sports bras and tank tops for the most part. I did buy 2 nursing tank tops and 1 nursing bra, but until I go back to work I don't plan on buying any more.

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Hi and congrats on your little one! When I got pregnant with my 1st, I went from a 30DDD to a 32H. I was fitted at the Women's Clinic our hospital provides for postpartum care, including help with breastfeeding (actually we were there 3 times seeing a lactation specialist!). One of the bras they gave me to try was a Bravado seamless. I have to say, even when I wasn't nursing (like now, although I'm currently 21 weeks with our 2nd) I wore these bras every day. They fit more like a sports bra but with all the perks of a nursing bra and are SO comfortable. My milk came in pretty early and in full force so I gained quite a bit of boob. I do have different sizes of these bras as the large is too big around and the small is too small in the cup right now (but I anticipate needing the large again once I deliver). Check out their website for sizing info too...

I totally understand your frustration. Both my grandmothers are big busted and I'm a small frame so this has been a nightmare for me my entire life. But I really do love Bravado. I hope you found something that works and are home and settled with a healthy baby girl! Congrats again!

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I wouldn't buy any more until your breasts stabalize in size (around 4-6 weeks pp). They will change dramatically and quickly the first few weeks, then the rate of change will slow considerably, and stabalize.

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I would suggest using a sports bra for the first month to 6 weeks. Your body will change alot in that time and it is better to not have to buy bras 2 different times if you don't have to. When you are at that 4 to 6 week mark go to Nordstroms. They are so awesome in their training on sizing and it is free. You don't have to purchase a bra there if it is too expensive but you will know your size to shop else where. Hope this helps! Oh and congrats on your new lil one, how exciting!

Esther - posted on 04/17/2010




motherhood maternity has very good selection and very good quality! they can help you with bra sizing! for the first month i had to have one size bigger but i started losing the weight and my milk is settled i am in my regular bra size now.

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Congrats on the new addition to your family! Before pregnancy and baby I normally was a 34 d and since the pregnancy and my milk coming in I am now a 36 e if this helps. I had bought 1 before my milk came in and it ended up being to small and hurt because of the engorgement and the bra cutting into my breast. You will want support and also will want to wear one to bed. I found that Motherhood has a great bra's selection and I was able to try on before buying. Good Luck!

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