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Kayla - posted on 01/20/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




hi ladies just wondering if i can feed my son some finger foods? he is 7 months old and all into grabbing my plates and will put food to his mouth. he is a breastfeed baby and uses to eat baby food but know he wont take anything. what finger foods can he have? ive heard cheerios but i think thats to hard.? he also has 2 teeth. dont know if that matters or not lol. thanks


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Many moms start baby with finger foods. Ripe avocados, bananas, steamed veggies (sweet potatoes, squash, etc) cut into chunks and steamed fruits (pears, apples, etc) are all good options. You can offer him anything you would get in baby food just steam it until it's soft and then cut it into small pieces.

Sara - posted on 01/20/2012




I think my son was around 6 or 7 months when he started having finger foods, my doctor always says that when they show signs of interest then you can attempt to introduce the new foods. I don't see a problem with him having finger foods, especially since he has some teeth to help him chew. I'd start with something that is relatively soft, raw carrots would be a little difficult, but cheerios are good for you and babies love them :) Hope this helps you out :)

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