Food aversion 3 months after giving birth?

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Hello ladies! I gave birth 3 months ago. During pregnancy I had a few things I couldn't stand to see, smell or eat; however, after I gave birth to my daughter, it went away.

It started again recently...don't know what to think! I'm breastfeeding, and maybe my hormones are not back to normal yet... what do you think?

Thanks! :))


Lori - posted on 09/21/2012




Well, I sure don't know the cause. But during my first pregnancy I have very few cravings. One night a very bad craving for broccoli that got me up at 2 am to search my freezer. And that was about it. But once the baby was born I found myself craving more specific foods. I just HAD to have scrambled eggs and green beans every morning for 2 weeks straight. I started wanting Salmon (and I've always hated salmon... until this point). And there were a few other cravings too. I couldn't tolerate the smell of coffee. And there was this other very strong smelling herbal drink my husband gets on occasion that I made him take outside because I couldn't stand the smell of it in the house. By around 6 months the cravings had mostly gone away, and the aversions were gone as well.

The thing I was telling myself is that when you're pregnant you're feeding this itty bitty tiny soon to be baby. When you're breastfeeding, you're still providing all the nourishment for a much bigger baby now. This is also why it's recommended that when pregnant you get an extra 300 calories, but when nursing you need an extra 500 calories per day. I've also heard of the first 3 months post partum referred to as the 4th trimester.

Not proof of anything here... but what you're experiencing sounds normal to me.

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