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Jenny - posted on 01/26/2010 ( 11 moms have responded )




Does anyone have any funny breastfeeding stories? My aunt told me the BEST one. She was nursing my cousin when he was about 7 months old , ( who is now almost thirty) in a restaurant. On older gentleman came up to admire her baby, he didn't realize she was breastfeeding. He reached down to pinch my cousins cheeks ( he had VERY chubby cheeks! ) and say coochy coo! Just as he touched the baby's cheeks the baby let go and turned to look at him. The milk shot out of my aunts breast and squirted the man right in the eye!!!

Heres one of mine: Usually I try to cover up but one time I was in a pizza place and I forgot my cover up and had no blankets! My baby was crying so I just decided to go for it. I was covering with my shirt and thought I was being very discreet. In this particualr pizza place they have a glass window where you can see your pizza being made. I happened to look up after I had gotten my daughter latched on and I saw three college aged employees staring through the glass with their mouths hanging open, right at me! One was even pointing! I guess they got an education that night!


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I am totally stealing breataurant!!!!! LOL!

I have tons of funny "squirting milk" stories (I have BF 4 kids) but I think the funniest is when my daughter pulled off and put her hand on my boob causing the milk to squirt me in the eye. She thought it was so funny she did it again! Lil' stinker ;) Heehee.

I only cover up when at church so I have had several people give me "looks" when they see me walking through the store while breastfeeding. I use nursing tanks so you really can't see anythng but it is always amusing to me. Especially when teenagers realize what you are doing. They embarass so easily and I simply say "It isn't a big deal to me so it really shouldn't be a big deal to you. After all it is MY breast."


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Karen - posted on 01/31/2010




My daughter will pause to blow very loud raspberries on me and giggle like its the funniest thing shes ever done in her life. Sometimes she can not get herself back under control so we have to take a break and come back to it lol.

Kaitlan - posted on 01/30/2010




I dont have any public funnies but when I feed my son at home he sometimes get too much and starts to cough, well when he does this he pulls off, and EVERY time my milk just keeps squirting out! I try to put my hand on my breast to stop it from hitting him and I removed my hand this one time and it was still going and his whole face was wet with milk!!

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Nothing particularly embarassing thankfully, but I do feel sorry for the old ladies who are about to come up to me and say 'what a cute baby' just as I am whipping my breast out for a feed. Oops sorry about that didn't see you coming!

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We were out for dinner (I can't remember where) and my daughter was about 2 months old. I was using a cover at the time, but she decided to pull the cover off of herself at the exact same time as she was letting go and the teenage boy that was clearing the table next to us got quite the eyeful. He quickly turned his back and walked off. The best part was that my daughter had the hugest grin on her face when she did that.

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Mines is with my oldest. We was @ a block party when she was like 17 months. She was runnin around playin withfamily & friends... I was sittin down with the adults when she ran up 2 me & put her head under my shirt & started nursin then when she was finish she ran off 2 go play again... Mind u we was outside so family,friends & strangers seen & startyed laughin.....LOL

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I never ever cover- on the bus one day Phoebe suddenly unlatched during a fit of giggles and I shot the window and the person in front of us. I nearly peed from laughing so hard! The guy I shot thought it was pretty damn funny too. Lately. Phoebe tries to talk while nursing which is just plain goofy especially when we are out and about.

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I almost had that same thing happen when my DD was about that age -- this very nice lady just really, really wanted to admire the "sleeping" baby, and came very close to getting a real eyeful of what that baby was actually doing ;^)

When DD was about 3 months old, we flew from Toronto to Calgary to visit my family. There was this very nice flight attendant on the plane who kept coming by to smile at us and let us know that he'd be happy to warm up a bottle whenever we needed it and we shouldn't hesitate to ask. About the third or fourth time he offered, DH said very cheerfully, "Thanks, but it's okay, we don't need bottles. We have a 24-hour breastaurant!" DH cracks me up XD

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I guess I don't have a story. The only time I feed out of the house is when we're in the car in a discreet part of the parking lot. But in general... There was one time she let go and it was spraying her in the face. That was funny.
If my husband is next to me in bed in the morning, (and one time my mom was in a chair next to the bed because she was waiting to take her for the day), she'll let go and look over at him as if he's bothering her. If he talks or makes any noise, she stops and looks. If he's behind her, she leans her head back to look. My mother was laughing her butt off that time, which of course made my daughter stare at her.

Sarah - posted on 01/26/2010




that's funny! I havent really fed too often out in public, so i dont have one thats really funny. one of the times i did, a guy tried to come and see my babe, while he was eating. he tried to lift the blanket, thinking he was sleeping, and i said that he was eating. i guess he figured that it was just a bottle and he kept trying, my mom finally just blerted out that i was "breastfeeding!" lol. ( we did know the guy, so it wasnt too creepy, lol.

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