funny stories:) got any?

Codie - posted on 01/27/2011 ( 5 moms have responded )




-dady puts baby on changing table to change poopy diaper and bends down to get new one. baby starts spitting up and daddy freaks. daddy picks baby up to pat his back(daddy is shirtless) and gets poop all over his hand and bare front. baby continues spitting up all over daddy and then pees on
-when my baby was first born like most, he bf every 2hrs. we went to one of daddy's friends house in between feedings. boobs are aching and i tell daddy its time to go home. i lean down to put baby in his carseat and notice a wet spot on my shirt above my boob. i think he peed on me but i find no evidence peeing through his diaper on him. i proceed to put baby in seat. when i finish i stand up to the whole left side of shirt sopping wet. i whisper to daddy that we REALLY need to go and point to my shirt. daddy says "omg guys look at her shirt, she's lactating!" everyone turns and looks at my completely soaked WHITE tshirt. thanks daddy, thats great...haha
-when home alone with just daddy and baby(daddy's brother rooms with us) i go without a shirt. any time baby sees my boobs he smile, gets very excited, leans forward, and nipple twiddles...i think its hilarious lol
-when my son was 3months old my whole family chipped in to rent a lake house in kentucky. my aunt went in my room with me to chat while i bf and my cousin(3yo) named abby goes along. she asks what i'm doing when i put boob in babies and mouth and i tell her i'm feeding the baby. she looks and me confused and leaves the room. later that day i go to feed baby and she asks to come once again. when i get the breast out she turns and faces the door. i tell her she doesn't have to turn around and she can leave the room if she wants to. she leaves, goes into the adjoining bathroom where my grandpa is washing his hands. she tells him "don't go in there codie's feeding the baby. grandpa says "oh yea?" abby yells to entire house of relatives "yea she's feeding his wis her boobie!"

i'd love to hear as many other stories you have, i think they are adorable and its nice to have a good laugh:) thanks


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Hannah - posted on 01/28/2011




When my son was just a few days old, and my mom was staying with us to help out, I lay him down to change his diaper and just about the time I took of the dirty one he spit up, and I panicked and picked him up just as I did he had a POWERFULL poop and it shot all over our bed!! And I just didn't know what to do, I went to set him down, then I picked him back up, and went to set him down again and it wound up looking like I was trying to do aerobics with him haha!! And my mom just calmly came over and took him and said let's just finnish him and then clean the bed...

When I was 8 and a half months pregnant my nephews (3 and 5) insisted on calling me everyday to ask if I had the baby yet... And when he was born I was talking to the 3 year old and when hes was done talking to me he goes "well I'm happy your baby came'd out" It was so cute, this is the same little guy that in all his excitement said he wanted his chocolate milk "snot stirred" :D

Nadia - posted on 01/28/2011




oh those are some funny stories!!! i don't have anything quite so hilarious, but i do have a cute one... my almost-5-yr-old daughter just loves having a new baby sister, but she didn't undersstand why we never gave her a bottle. i told her it's because i have milk in my boobies that the baby drinks. well she's in the stage of wanting to be just like me so the next time i sit down to feed, my daughter comes into the living room with her baby doll, lifts up her shirt, and holds her dolly to her chest. "look mommy, i have to feed my baby just like you feed yours... with my boob!" she has also told just about every one of our freinds and family members that our baby doesn't eat a bottle, she eats mommy's boobie.

Codie - posted on 01/28/2011




i have one of those as well haha. we're at my uncle's for a family get together. we're all sitting out in the garage and daddy is holding 3mo corbin. he poops, audibly! everyone is talking about it and laughing while we wait a few minutes for corbin to finish. my uncle says "nothing like it running down your leg!" daddy doesn't get and starts agreeing. then we all say "no, its running down your leg." daddy says "huh?" and looks down to find very liquidy poop oozing from baby's leg and running all the way down the front of daddy's shorts, down his leg, on his shoe, and to the garage floor. that was funny lol

Jackie - posted on 01/28/2011





i was having trouble bf so i went to see a nurse to help me. the baby was getting hungry and so she started to cry and the nurse said ok pull out your breast so we can get the baby on. My milk was powerful and started shooting out across towards the nurse. she said to me where is your other baby? your must have two! you must be hiding one at home with that crazy milk!
just over a week after my baby was born i was readmitted in the hospital. they made me strip down to my panties, but wouldnt let me keep my bra. my milk was strong at this point still, and all i had on was the hospital gown. i had a letdown and knew i needed to pump because baby was at home and by the time the nurse brought me a pump my whole gown needed to be changed because it was soaking wet. then she left for no more than 5 minutes came back and i had already pumped an whole bottle and she said wow you pumped all that while i was gone? you're jersery cow!

Jennifer - posted on 01/27/2011




Haha those are some great stories...I've got a couple, when I mastered BFing in public I nursed my daughter with a cover while I was out and about. One day my hubby and I took the baby out for the day and when she got hungry I sat down to nurse her in the back of a quiet bookstore. She finished nursing and amidst the many shoppers who just happened to be passing by she lets out a very content, "ahhhhhh" everyone just started laughing, I was so embarrassed!

Next best, daddy's first blow out ... I was working and daddy was on baby duty when I receive a call with a very frantic husband on the phone saying, "i don't know what to do, I don't know what to do" finally I get him to listen and I say "honey calm down, your freaking me out, what's wrong?" he informs me that the baby has pooped out the back of the diaper, up her bodysuit and all over her blanket ... Is that it?!?!?!? Seriously, lol, I tell him to take all of her clothes off and give her a nice warm bath and clean her up and put her in some nice comfy new clothes, for fun I put him on speaker while he did this and I worked at a childrens clothes store so my custmers really got a kick out of this, but for five minutes we listened to my husband "ugh" "ewe" "oh my God" and "I'm gonna throw up" his way threw his first blow out. It will forever be locked away in my vault of favorite new daddy moments!

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