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my son has a lot of gas and sometimes he seems uncomfortable. any suggestions???/


Jessica - posted on 10/19/2009




You can also try:
If you have an exercise ball you can lay him on his belly on the ball & rock the ball gently. It will help the gas out gently, using his weight to help it out.
Good Luck!!

Crystal - posted on 10/19/2009




Go to a local co op or even walmart has it and get Gripe water. It works for colic,gas, upset stomach and teething in babies :) My son was gassy and had colic and it worked.


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Bernice - posted on 11/17/2016




When I started introducing formula to my DS for the first time, he was so upset and fussy, but babies magic tea worked wonder for us. You can mix the tea in your LO's formula or can give directly.

Traci - posted on 10/17/2009




I've had a lot of help using tips from my Baby Massage book. You can probably find stuff online that will give you guidelines too. We work on her gas a couple times a day, and it really, really helps get the wind through her without being painful or forceful farts.

Rachel - posted on 10/17/2009




Some babies react to things in your diet so you may want to keep track of what you are eating and see if there's a common thread. My first was bothered by caffeine and too much dairy--if I had more than 8oz of milk in a 12 hour period, he was horribly gassy! He grew out of it after a few months, though. My second was much more sensitive to dairy and I had to completely cut out milk for a couple of months--it wasn't a true dairy allergy as I could still have cheese. But for some reason my drinking milk bothered him! Some moms report extra gassiness if they have onions or broccoli or cabbage, etc.

Another thing that caused gassiness in both my boys was the fact that I had an overactive letdown (I could spray across the room at letdown!). They just gulped in too much air/milk during letdown :\ Block feeding and unlatching them during letdown until they learned to deal with it helped tremendously (I'd just let the milk spray into a bottle/towel--when the flow slowed, I'd latch them back on). When they got older, they learned how to handle the letdown and we were fine :)

Another thing that can cause gassiness is the age of the baby--around two months old both my boys started going longer between poops (up to two weeks between poops is perfectly normal for a breastfed baby--my first was every ten days like clockwork!) and the first few cycles were very gassy and uncomfortable until they adjusted. Bicyling the legs, warm baths, rubbing the tummy, putting them facedown on my tummy and "bouncing" all seemed to help :)

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