green mucasy poop

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my son is 2 months old. he just started having green mucasy poops. ive tried block feedings. he doesnt seem gassy or uncomfortable, so its not like hes not healthy and hes gaining well, but i dont understand the green or mucas!?


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It could be the sign of a food allergy, but normally baby is very fussy as well. Here's a link on allergies:

Maybe he has some of these other symptoms? If so, you could try cutting some foods out of your diet. Dairy is the most common cause. Have you started him on any vitamin drops? I also read on kellymom that there have been many reported cases of mucus and/or blood in the stool after starting vitamin drops and the problem clears up when the drops are stopped.


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If he doesn't have any other sypmtoms and his doctor is not worried then I wouldn't stress. If you nurse from both breasts at a feeding make sure he thoroughly empties the first breast before switching. Sometimes when they get too much foremilk it can cause green poops. If he seems happy then just go with it. It may change back to yellow in a few days.

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