Has anyone ever had extremely thick milk?

Shana - posted on 10/04/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




My daughter will be two at the end of the month. She still nurses before bed, and during the day before naps if she wants. Sometimes my breasts feel achy because of the milk hanging out in them, and now I've noticed that the milk is EXTREMELY thick, so thick that I can hardly self express any at all, and when I can get some onto my finger it is like room temperature butter. IS THIS NORMAL? Has anyone else experienced this? I can't find much information on this.


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Is it both breasts or one? Feel around for a clogged duct. When you get a clog and all that milk gets backed up the milk can get really thick. When the clog comes out then all that thick, stuck together milk comes out. Try heat on your breasts before she nurses to help get it all out and massage the clog if you find it, if not then gently massage your whole breast while nursing.

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