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I just had my baby girl on 8/24/10 and I am breast feeding. I am trying to start pumping so my fiance can take her every now and then and bond. It's not going so well. I pump after I feed her sometimes to try to boost my milk supply, but it just doesn't seem to be working. I know it takes some time, but I am not getting any sleep and I need to do something. I do not want to use formula. That and my daughter will not take a pacifier or a bottle well. She just doesn't accept the feel of it. What do I do?!?! I'm so tired right now and I know that it's affecting all of us. =( I really could use some help.


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Congratulations!! This is such an exciting/important time for YOU and baby. Your fiance will get to bond in many other ways, but you and baby need to get established as a nursing couple. I felt like I spent the first 6 weeks in the chair doing nothing but nursing :) For the first 12 days my husband changed all of baby's diapers. He also did burping and baths, so he had lots of hands-on time to bond with our son.
Forget about pumping right now, baby should not have a bottle until breastfeeding is well-established so as to not get nipple confusion. Go to bed with baby, nurse, nurse, nurse and sleep whenever she is!
Good luck, and enjoy this special time!

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I agree, you should wait on the pumping. Try to sleep when the baby sleeps. Hang in there. It will get better.

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i would recommend not offering a bottle until your baby is six or more weeks old and really establish a good nursing relationship. you aren't the only one new to nursing, she is learning how to suckle food from your breast, her only source of nourishment. that's a big deal (obviously you know that :))! introducing artificial nipples before that healthy, strong relationship is established may cause harm to it. just nursing her on demand is probably the best way to go to really nurture both of you learning effective breastfeeding. i have found the best way to a healthy nursing relationship is a calm and relaxed mind. of course, eating and drinking is important but honestly a confident and relaxed attitude towards breastfeeding produces a lot more milk and full bellies than stressing or freaking out over your pump when you see

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First... Congratulations!!!

Second... All you should be worrying about right now is nursing and sleeping. Of course you are tired. You gave birth only FIVE days ago. :) Don't worry about pumping, bottles, and pacifiers at this time. Your fiance can STILL bond w/ the baby right now. Let him change her, rock her, just hold her while you nap, etc....

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