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Myself and my family just got back from visiting relatives over the holidays. While there I allowed my husband to bottle feed (formula) our 2 and half month old a few times. There were 17 people in the house. 6 of them were children and sleep was hard to come by plus the baby being woke up by the noise every so often. Now I don't seem to be letting down as frequently and when I do it is not as much. I seem to be letting down every 4 hours when my infant wants to eat every 2. I am trying to nurse him now with no formula. WE try every hour and a half to every 2 hours to nurse but I don't let down till the 4th hour mark and by then he is irate and won't latch at all. I have a medela pump in style and try and use it every 2 hours when he is too mad to nurse. What do I do? I need milk more frequently and more of it!


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Jessica - posted on 11/29/2010




just giving him a few bottles wont affect your supply. i don't always feel a letdown when my son nurses. just feed as often as he's hungry and as soon as he shows hunger. sometimes if you wait too long they get so mad that they just wont latch on. maybe try getting some milk on your nipple when you are about to feed and that might help him latch on. dont pump to increase your supply cuz it might cause your body to produce too much that your baby cant keep up with. just keep trying, it will go back to normal.

Celeste - posted on 11/29/2010




Not feeling a letdown doesn't necessarily mean you aren't. I stopped feeling letdown when my twin boys were a few months old and was able to nurse them fine.

Nursing will increase supply! Nurse at the first signs of hunger (crying is a late sign of hunger).

Though, I wonder if he has a bit of nipple confusion since he won't latch at all. Had he been receiving bottles before or was this the first time you gave him bottles?

Ania - posted on 11/29/2010




you know that sometimes you may not feel a letdown? I don't think few times over the holiday would decrease your milk supply, maybe your baby starting a growth spurt? it does not have to happen exactly at 12 weeks...I wouldn't worry too much. Drink a lot of water, eat and nurse as often as possible. Just relax and it will be fine

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