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I have been breastfeeding for nine months and don't want to offer my baby formula - just a personal choice. I currently weigh 64kgs (pre pregnancy weight 52kgs) and am trying to lose weight gradually. I gym 3 times a week and but the weight is just not shifting. I am at my maximum capacity in terms of energy output so can't do more physically but need some dietary recommnendations.... Sometimes I am exhausted for days on end!


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Esther, while you are breastfeeding is probably not the best time to be overly concerned about your weight. It's good that you're going to the gym, but are you making sure you're heating a healthy, well-balanced diet? That is so important. Try to increase your fruit and vegetable intake, and high-fibre foods such as grains. Nuts are also good for energy. Make sure you drink plenty of water to help digest the high-fibre foods.
All the best! You're making a great choice to keep breast-feeding your baby. Post-baby weight can be difficult to shift, and though breastfeeding can help to do this, it's unfortunately not always the magical solution to weight loss that it's sometimes claimed to be.
Don't be in too much of a hurry - you'll get there. Making yourself exhausted is not the way to go!

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