Help! Breast milk is drying up!

Kirsten - posted on 10/12/2011 ( 7 moms have responded )




I really wanted to exclusively breast feed my daughter til she turns 6 months, but after a month or so, I had to start supplimenting with formula because i quit producing enough milk to keep her satisfied. Any tips on how to up my milk production?


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Hi! I had the same problem (sorta, a little more complicated). I was told by the lactation consultant at the hospital to take the vitamin: Fenugreek & drink "mothers milk" organic tea. both of these found at the GNC store. I was told to take the Fenugreek 9/day (3 at a time) & drink 5 cups of the tea a day. She also told me to pump in between feedings. Well I haven't been pumping (I work full time so its hard) but I have been doing the tea and (most) the vitamins and what difference!! I do use formula a lot during the day b/c I work but I am able to breast feed as soon as I get home and all night till i go to work the next day. I was just about completely dried up and this help SOOOOO MUCH! Who would have thought! I would have loved to keep breast feeding exclusivly but its just so hard to pump at work. I am really considering just talking to my boss about it and biting the bullet. My daughter most certainly loves it. hope this helps! consider calling your hospital and she what the lactation consultant there says!!

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What made you feel like you weren't producing enough? Many moms get "booby trapped" into thinking their supply is low when it really isn't. Baby's behavior, the amount you pump, the feel of your breasts are *not* supply indicatiors. What you need to watch is diaper count. If baby has 5-6+ wet diapers in a day then your supply is fine. When you start supplementing you will cause low supply because your breasts are not being stimulated to make milk. If you supplement with a bottle I would stop. Use a supplemental nursing system if supplementation is needed. This way you are supplementing at the breast so your breasts know to make more milk. Spend a lot of time with baby skin to skin. Nap together and sleep together if you're comfortable with that. Offer the breast very frequently throughout the day. The more baby nurses the more milk you will make. Wear baby in a carrier or wrap to keep her close to you. Any time she shows signs of hunger (chewing fists, smacking lips, increased alertness, turning head side to side, rooting) then nurse her. Try not to wait until she's fussing or crying---those are late signs of hunger. Get in touch with a certified lactation consultant (check your hospital) or a La Leche League leader to help you through this ( Check out this link for more info on supply and how to increase it:

Good luck!!

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Im having the same problem, I started going back to work and I couldn't pump at work because we were so busy, so my family who was babysitting him gave him what milk I could pump but then we had to start using formula because I couldn't pump enough milk to have ready for him ahead of time. The reason I don't think I'm producing enough milk is because my son now gets real antsy and starts kicking and grunting but he doesn't have to burp. So I just started eating oatmeal today and would like to try the tea and vitamins. Are everyone sure that its good to use the tea and vitamins, are we not suppose to leave caffeine alone?

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ask your doctor about Domperedone as it also helps with milk production. fenugreek and blessed thistle work great too.

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Drink liquids and eat oatmeal. That's what worked for me.

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I agree with Sara, what's going on to make you think that you're drying up?

Generally, in order to increase supply, you need to nurse more and ditch the bottles. Bottles can interfere with supply.

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