HELP!! I have BV because of mirena... :(

Holly Janelle - posted on 01/19/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




I had mirena in for 5 months and I realized I got BV from it and so I got it taken out because 1) I wasn't ok with having BV an waiting it out another 6-7 months until supposedly it would naturally go away when my hormone balance/ good bacteria was normal down there 2) my DH did not like the strings at all they were very painful for him.

My doctor recently put me on the anti biotic vaginal gel (nervous about using anything more because im bf and dont want to hurt my daughter 10 mo because of the overuse of antibiotics) but it doesn't seem to be taking care of the problem... I'm embarassed to say this but the problem is the smell :( has anyone else experienced this?? How did you get rid of it? I have been drinking yakult twice a day and taking vitamin c and I'm planning on going to get acidophilus also. I have heard and read that it has a tendency to come back so what can I do to keep it gone?? This is the first time I have ever experienced this so I'm wholeheartedly hoping this isn't a constant battle the rest of my life. If I would have known this was a possibility before I got mirena I wouldn't have done it thats for sure!

Thank you for your time :)


Ariel - posted on 09/29/2012




Hi Ladies, you are NOT alone on this issue I have had the Mirena for four years and and have had many infections and after the doctors blaming me and not the mirena I finally decided to come on here and read about this because yesterday I ended up in the hospital because after 4 years of not bleeding with the mirena I started bleeding and really really felt pregnant and knew something was really wrong and my doctor wouldn't get me in. Well turns out the hospital found out I have BV and am being treated for it with antibotics. The hosptial wouldn't remove it but I have another doctors appointment on Monday and I am making them remove the iud. This IUD has turned my life into a nightmare with embarrasing smell and infections :(

Michelle - posted on 01/20/2012




I kept getting the same infection over and over again about every 6 weeks or so with mirena. Those thin strings that hang in your vagina harbors a lot of bacteria, and some women like you and I are more susceptible. My doctor tried metro gel (didn't work), and a yeast cream (didn't work). I asked to have it removed and still had the problem. I finally switched doctors who prescribed Clindesse and Diflucan which finally worked. I have a new baby whom I breastfeed and I'd rather use condoms then to go back on Mirena.


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