Help im bored and want to get outside!?!?!

Sara - posted on 09/30/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




Im a stay at home mum and wife to my husband who is mostly away with work. he's in the forces so we moved over to germany about 3 months ago. I do have friends but it always seems like they have other things to do and its not their fault and i dont blame them, they have kids to pick up from school and have to find the time.

I breast feed heather who is 7 months now and to be honest i dont have hardly any energy. i do go for walks to the shop but i cant really get out to the shops in germany. its mainly about 600 yrds away from my house.

I feel like im stopping heather from thriving as a baby who gets fresh air and more opportunities in life. shes getting really bored with the same environment, the same smells, the same feeling of the house. Im bored. i do my house work and then i facebook. i let heather watch tv but even that gets abit too much.

I do want to go outside i really do. i just dont have the confidence. i put alot of weight on during my pregnancy and i dont have hardly any clothes to fit me and i cant go and buy new ones because im embarrassed about my weight.

any ideas on how i can get heather out and about. any advise for myself???


Stephanie - posted on 09/30/2009




You poor dear! Sounds like you are having a hard time. I feel the same way some days, still haven't lost the baby weight and nothing fits, don't want to buy clothes cause I want to lose weight first. This post pardum stuff sucks! I've recently been trying new things to get myself motivated, maybe some of them will work for you too. Make sure to eat a little something for breakfast, so your body has fuel, sit on the floor and do some stretches, play music that makes you feel happy and dance around with your daughter, try to really have fun with it. If you still don't have the motivation to go out for a walk, just take your baby outside and explore things right outside of the door. The world is so big and everything is new to babies, try to see the outside world from her point of view, all the shapes and colors.

Also, I have found that when I am feeling a bit down, it always helps to make a list of all the things I am greatfull for. You start to climb out of your head a little and see how lucky you are. Or think of things you can do for someone less fortunate than you are. I feel pretty blessed when I stop and think of how much better my situation is compared to the rest of the world. Maybe make a list of things you like about your self, focus on the positive. Just remember: UGLY is a four letter word that starts with...U. (You) You are a great mom and a beautiful person, so act like one. Even if you have to pretend at first, just play the part, confidence is the most attractive quality anyone can have, no matter how they look.

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