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Im currently nursing my 10 month old and plan to stop at 12 months as we plan on trying for another baby.. So i was wondering what is the best way to get her off boob? As all my friends which have breast feed stopped at between 5-7 months for various reasons and there little ones had a bottle easy.. But my daughter wont drink out a bottle or sippy cup, only boob! :/ And is VERY attached to the boobs but i need to wean her at 12 months like i say.. Thanks in advance :)


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Cassie - posted on 02/16/2011




Thanks for the advice ladies! Shud be a great help! :)
Yeah i know that most people can nurse when pregnant, I'm not one! Baby wasn't getting what it needed and miscarried :( So she ideally needs to be off by 12 months, dont mind going to 14/16 months!

Meaghan - posted on 02/16/2011




There are lots of moms who nurse during pregnancy. If it doesn't bother you and she is attached, have you considered continuing until you are both ready to wean?
Otherwise, LLL has some great facts on weaning. Something that worked well with my daughter was limiting how long a nursing session lasts. Distraction is key if you are trying to skip nursing sessions (subtract one at a time).
Good luck!

Sarh - posted on 02/15/2011




Give her the sippy while she is playing and or eating, she might not want to drink from it, but if she has it she might attempt to. My son is 8ms old and he only chews on it, but when he sees another baby with a sippy he is trying to steal it from them which I don't get because he's a HUGE momma's boy and VERY attached to the boob as well!! He's not even happy with it in the bottle. Don't try to give her a bottle as she is old enough to just go to the sippy once she takes interest in it.
I'm also trying to wean by 12ms, but for my personal medical problems. Have you tried putting pumped breastmilk in her sippy? Do you have a soft spout one? Maybe don't hold her when you try and get her to drink from the sippy as she can smell mommy's milk when you are holding/near her.

Sandie - posted on 02/15/2011




my son took to drinking from a straw really quickly, it was literally a few minutes, i put the straw into the water then stuck my finger over the top so some was trapped in the bottom, then let him suck at the bottom and i let go so the water flowed, once he realised he was getting something i put the straw into the glass and he started slurping away! he's still very much attactched to breastfeeding though and will be 2 in may. your little one might take to a straw or cup easier if theres some sort of treat in the cup, like a nice juice or diluted squash with a fruity taste...worked for me, and he will drink plain water - which so many people said he wouldnt if we started with squash! good luck.

Cori - posted on 02/15/2011




i didnt rush weaning, i took my time with it, slowly cut out nursings at any time other than nap time or bed time and offered a cup instead.. i waited until my son was 13 months to even consider it and we weaned together completely after 15 months... i think one thing that really helped was that i started going to the gym and working out really hard and apparently my son didnt like the extra lactic acid build up from exercising and he nursed less and less frequently...

i would def. wait until after 12 months to wean so you can replace with cows milk and not even mess with formula or bottles.. get a soft spout cup to start with or maybe try a straw.. she will get off eventually just dont rush it.. and let it be a step you take together! oh and i got pregnant with in 6 months of no longer breastfeeding and we were trying to NOT get pregnant!! so that will probably come easy too! haha!

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