HElP !! My 13 month old is being so aggressive with my nipples!!!!

Danielle Elizabeth - posted on 03/07/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi ladies . I co sleep with my 13 month old daughter and for the past few weeks she has been furociously grabbing at my shirt and nipples and it hurts!! I breastfed her for six months but have not for seven months now. I. Am 11 weeks pregnant with number 2 and have been leaking colostrum for 3 weeks already. Could the smell of colostrum be the reason for all the grabbing and pinching?


Brittany - posted on 03/20/2013




It most likely is the smell. Remember you did breastfeed for 6 months, your daughter knows the smell of your milk. It is one of the first senses your baby uses. I know that whenever I'm about to breastfeed her she gets really excited until she gets the nipple. It shouldn't be anything to worry about unless she gets too violent and you feel that she could hurt the baby on the way. Studies show babies have a nursing style, my daughter shows signs that she's a barracuda. I hope this helps you.

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