HELP! My 15 month old baby boy is rejecting my breastfeeding COLD TURKEY!

Ruthy - posted on 09/14/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am so so sad since all day today my adorable son, 15 months, is rejecting my breastfeeding. Loves me, but pushes my breast away when until today, he'd breastfeed EVERY opportunity- at least 3-4 times a day if not more. First time in the morning, before nap, after nap, when cranky, and at bedtime. Today, he skipped ALL of those feedings! My first two children weaned by one and I let them, not continually offering as I did with my third this time, hoping to continue beyond a year. Now, I am engorged from so many skipped feedings. He went to bed tonight without breastfeeding! I want to cry! Should I pump tonight to keep my supply in case he changes his mind? I'm in pain, physically, right now and feel about to explode! I think I'll pump. I will keep trying tomorrow. Anyone experience this? A baby rejecting your breast cold turkey. I'm used to gradual weaning. Not all at once! Any advice or suggestions are welcome!


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Kathy - posted on 09/15/2010




could you be pregnant? I just posted a question similar to this earlier today and havent gotten a response but I know that my mom told me that I stopped nursing cold turkey when i was 10 months and her midwife told her she may be pregnant and the milk was changing. She was 2 weeks along and I guess I just didnt like it. She tried everything and I wouldnt nurse :( A LLL book I have asks if you've changed soaps or deodorant, he may not like the smell or taste if there is soap residue. Personally I'd express small amounts to keep from getting engorged. Maybe try pumping and putting it in a cup. If you express at least something and he changes his mind and wants to nurse again he will build your supply back up :)

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