Help! My daughter like to breastfeed than to drink formula, how can I increase my supply!!! I seem to be not getting enough breastmilk!!

*Kathy* - posted on 08/17/2012 ( 10 moms have responded )




My daughter just turned 4 months old, she is both breast and formula fed, but I want her to take more breast milk than formula. She prefers breast milk. There's only one problem. It seems that I don't get that much breastmilk... My baby tries an tries to get more milk out but I just don't have enough. I try giving her both sides but that also seems to not work. So I end up giving her formula in order to keep her full... I have had that problem since she was a newborn; and before I give her any formula I first try breastfeeding. Latley my milk supply has gone down, how can I get bring my supply up again?? Please help! I want to be able to feed my baby!!!! I also don't have enough money for a pump so how can I do it with out pumping?


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Are you aware that you can do top up feeds directly from the breast? after about 20 minutes, your breasts are at about 60% full again, so if you put her to the breast more often, you will build up your supply that way.
Here's some good info on supply worries.

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You'll need to get baby on the breast as much as possible. Have you tried any herbs? Herbs can help your milk supply a lot if you're using them daily. I'm using a tea from and my milk supply started increasing the day after I started it.

Have you talked to a lactation consultant yet? She might be able to help you get a pump. A lot of health insurances will cover a breast pump rental. Call the hospital where you delivered and ask to talk to the LC.

Even if baby doesn't nurse long just keep offering the breast.

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How are you determining that you don't have enough? Unfortunately, formula is sabotaging your supply. When you give a bottle of formula, your breasts aren't getting the stimulation to make more milk. The more you nurse, the more you will make. The best way to determine if baby is getting enough is by diaper count. If baby is getting 6-8 diapers, they're getting enough. Never judge supply by baby behavior or feel of breasts.

The best way to make more is to nurse more. Babies are much more efficient than a pump. You can take fenugreek and other galactologues, but it's really important to make sure you nurse more often.

Couple of links I'd like to for you to take a look at:
How milk production works.

Article about low supply. What it is, what it isn't, and if you do have low supply, how to fix it

Sally - posted on 08/27/2012




Breast milk quantity is based entirely on supply and demand. Every bottle of formula she drinks is that much milk your breasts won't make. Stop giving her bottles. She'll be frantic and wanting to nurse non stop for a couple days. That will be hard for you, but it's a good thing. It's how she'll teach your breasts to feed her as much as she needs.

Good luck

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Keep putting her to breast!

Like the others have said - avoid formula. Each time you use formula you are decreasing your supply. The more often you nurse the quicker your supply should build up. Pumping isn't a solution because a pump doesn't increase your supply the way nursing does.

Good luck and just hang in there and it will get better!


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Heidi - posted on 08/31/2012




Looks like you've gotten some pretty good info, and i totally agree with everyone. Nurse as often as possible. You can also try manual expression. It never worked for me, but the people at WIC told me about it. I'm not sure where u live but if there is WIC wherever you live they can supply you with a breast pump. I got one from them. Consistency is the key to breastfeeding. You have to keep at it all of the time. It may just be that you just don't have a good supply. I had that problem with my first child. I tried for 2 months and just never had a good supply. With my second, i had no problem. In the end you have to do what is best for your little one. Her health is the most important. If it isn't working out then you just may have to do strictly formula. Which is heartbreaking i know. But you have to do what is the best for her.

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Hi sometimes it may happen that breast milk are not sufficient for some babies. Try to eat garlic cloves at least 10 - 12 cloves per day which will increase your production. You have more milk which will also increase the production. Have fresh fruits. Put little fenugreek to the milk and boil it when it becomes a bit thicker have it. this will also increase your supply..

Chelsey - posted on 08/30/2012




PUMP! or just keep offering the breast, its all about supply and demand.. also she is 4 months now so you could try giving her some rice cereal instead of formula, that will satisfy her appetite and you can mix it with your expressed milk :)

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Just let her nurse as often as possible. It works on supply and demand so the more she feeds the more you should make. Reduce the amount of formula you are giving to encourage her to take more from you. xx

Bekki - posted on 08/26/2012




I had this problem too. Make sure you drink heaps of water. I mean 2 to 3 liters a day. Put Bubs on as much as you possibly can. I had to go on medication as well. It worked wonders. Good luck. Don't give up.

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