Herbal solutions to help milk supply...thoughts?

Lori - posted on 04/04/2012 ( 5 moms have responded )




I have a two week old but I'm already concerned about milk supply so I have been researching the subject (this community chat is HUGELY helpful) and I've been speaking with le leche league consultants. They recommended Organic Mothers Milk tea by Traditional Medicinals and also fenugreek seed to increase milk supply. Both are herbal type of remedies so I just wanted to know if anyone has used these and what the thoughts are on them. Any reason I shouldnt try these either? Thanks in advance.


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Angela - posted on 08/17/2012




Herbs are usually and generally safe. Many of them are even cooked with. I'm using a tea called Breastea from http://www.breastea.com and it has increased my milk supply a lot. You want to make sure to use them daily.

Celeste - posted on 04/05/2012




Yes, herbs can help. But you need to figure out if you truly do have a supply issue. If you don't have a supply issue, you can end up with oversupply which can cause a whole new set of problems.

Can you share why you are concerned about supply?

Kelee - posted on 04/05/2012




I tried Fenugreek, but you have to take a lot and it doesn't seem to do too much. The one that was recommended was Mother's Milk Plus and it seems to be working for me. I had a breast augmentation 2 years ago so supply is a concern for me.

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I didn't end up using the Mothers Milk Tea but I did use the Raspberry leaf tea during the last 4 weeks of my pregnancy. The only reason to not take it would be if they could affect any medications you are on. If you are taking any medications, even prenatals, I would consult your doctor first. They should be able to tell you if the tea or the fenugreek will have an adverse effects.

Brie - posted on 04/04/2012




I use Organic mother milk tea! It says that you have to drink 4 cups a day for several days to see any result but i just have to drink one cup and my boobs are so full within 8 hours, even with my son nursing regularly, which is great since i pump as well. I definitively recommend!

(i used Organic Raspberry Leaf by traditional medicinals during pregnancy and had a 6 hour labor! and that was a first time baby!)

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