Hi guys. I have just started work again after being at home with my daughter for a year. I still want to continue to breastfeed..but am not sure how this will work? if i dont feed for 9 hours wont i


Lori - posted on 06/03/2012




I agree with happy mama. You can either pump some at work to give her while you're gone, or you can just nurse her when you're with her.

I'm not sure exactly what you were trying to ask with the last line of "if I don't feed her for 9 hours won't I.... "
But if you're asking about engorgement, you could become engorged if you usually nurse her during the day that you'll now be at work. If you slowly cut out one feeding at a time you'll minimize your engorgement. An option here would be to pump a little bit at work to relieve the engorgement. if you don't want to continue to pump at work, then only pump enough so that you're comfortable again, not to empty the breast.
If You're asking about loosing your milk supply, since your milk supply is well established at this point, it's unlikely that you'll dry up because you go so long between nursings. Your supply works on supply/demand. If there is demand for milk twice a day - say once in the morning, and once at night then your body will adjust and will make milk for twice a day feedings only. Even if there's only demand for once a day, or once every other day... your body will adjust and will make the right amount of milk.

Happy - posted on 06/03/2012




If you LO is a year, you have two options. Your supply is well established enough that if you do not wish for LO to receive your milk via a cup while you are at work during the day, then just do nothing. Your breast will adjust accordingly and your milk will be there when you are home to nurse. OR if you do wish for her to have your milk while you are at work, you will need to pump while at work. Start pumping extra now to get a nice stash built up and simply pump during a break or lunch shift.


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